How To See Who Viewed Your TikTok Video

Over the past few years, one of the greatest revolutions that we have seen take place has been the invention of social media. Applications such as Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok have revived so many little ways in which we operated. From connecting with friends to finding jobs even in marketing we have seen social […]

How to upload Youtube custom Thumbnail

YouTube is the application that holds the power to determine internet sensations. Over the last decade, the video streaming platform has gained immense significance in the world. It offers content creators a way to showcase their talents, a musician to share their music around the globe and even marketers to promote their products or services […]

How to Put Text on TikTok

Are you bored with creating simple videos? Do you want to follow a new trend on TikTok creatively using text? Then, do it now and try the text feature on your video to make it more catchy and creative. The addition of text can increase engagement rate and account growth, which is quite interesting. You […]

How to get auto likes on Instagram for free

Instagram is the most visited social platform. The striking feature of this social network makes it trending among users. Instagram is for multiple purposes for the users. The people upload their content in different forms and view videos, like them, and share the uploaded content. The high-quality content receives more Instagram views, fan following, and […]

Add Voice Effects on TikTok

In this fast world, daily we encounter new things and trends. TikTok is a modern app and each day introduces new features to let its users be more creative. With video effects creators let the world be surprised because of unbelievably fascinating transitions. Now they introduce a voice effect feature that changes your voice like […]

How to change the Youtube channel color?

You may just play about with it until you get it the way you really want. That being stated, the advanced layout properties come next. This is where you may choose the background and box colors. You must use HTML color codes to modify the color. Don’t worry, because They know most people don’t know […]

How To Make YouTube Comments Italic

We need to realize the intensity of the impact that social media has the power to create. Social media applications such as Facebook, TikTok, Instagram have changed the traditional way of communicating with people, specifically in terms of marketing. One example of such an entity in our midst is YouTube; the video streaming platform that […]

How do artists make money on Spotify

Over the last few years, Spotify has grown as an emerging platform for music streaming among the many others that have emerged alongside. Spotify continues to be one of the best music streaming platforms. But the question arises, how are musicians earning? Spotify gives great benefits to its users, but it isn’t too generous in […]

Change Spotify Password

Everyone who loves to listen to music knows about the most popular music streaming app/website, Spotify. It allows artists to create their music,  share it with everyone, and gain Spotify plays. It also allows users to play their favorite music with ease. If you are a Spotify user, you would know how important it is […]

How to Add Local Files to Spotify?

No doubt, Spotify lets you play any song at any place, but here is a question.  Do you want to play all your favorite songs in one place? Now you can add your favorite local music that you can’t find on Spotify.  Sometimes you are searching for a song that is not available on Spotify. […]