Why Can't I Download Instagram On My iPad?

App incompatibility is perhaps one of the most unpleasant experiences with electronic devices. We have all experienced the sad moment when you hear about an exciting new app and your device is unable to install it. If you are wondering ‘Why can’t I download Instagram on my iPad?’, it is because your device is incompatible […]

What Does Bio Mean On Instagram?

There are bundles of platforms on social media which millions of people use.  The features of every platform are somehow different from one another.  Their striking features make them trending. Among all these platforms, the most visited and popular platform is Instagram. People upload their posts in the form of videos and pictures. Every Instagram […]

Video with music app for Instagram

With how competitive Instagram has become today as a social media platform, posting only photos is not enough to get the attention of users and gain followers, increase Instagram likes, get more views, and get more fan following. Making engaging videos with music effects is one way to create content that is bound to get […]

How to have a good Instagram feed?

Today, Instagram is a social media platform that is used by people and businesses to reach out to a wide audience and gain more fan following. If a person wants to increase video views, and the number of likes on Instagram, they must post engaging and interesting content to get the attention of the audience. […]