How To Do Green Screen Video On TikTok?

Green screens were once only accessible to those who owned a green screen. This feature enabled content creators to use a photo or video as a background in a video or a film. Before this feature was introduced in social media applications like TikTok, you needed equipment that included a large green sheet to be […]

How to delete a playlist on YouTube?

How to delete a playlist on YouTube? Is frequently asked by YouTube users who want to change their playlist or delete them due for any reason. There are a lot of social media apps that provide a large number of entertaining data in the form of videos, photos, and memes. Among all of them, YouTube […]

How to do a duet on TikTok

TikTok has become a rapidly expanding platform for making short and catchy video content and sharing this with your fans and followers. To get famous on TikTok, you need to create content that will be judged as worthy of making it to the “For You” page. To do this, you need to create engaging and […]

How To Delete Recently Played On Spotify?

Like many other websites, Spotify also tracks the progress of its users. As you know, different platforms save your data about recent activity on your accounts. Similarly, Spotify also shows the recently played songs on your account. Many applications like Spotify save the data of its users. They include songs, searches, playlists, and albums. This […]

How To Post Memes On Instagram?

Instagram is the most favorite social media app for users where they can share their videos, photos, and memes. It is not only the best medium for communication but also a great source of entertainment and earning. People used to make different accounts and advertise their different brands and earn money. It contains millions of […]

How to take a picture on Instagram?

It is a natural thing that when we take any android mobile on hand, we first check its camera by taking pictures. When we talk about social media app Instagram is the best video and photo-sharing app that allows the users to take selfies and capture the lovely moments of their life amazingly and then […]

How do i share my instagram link

Technology is advancing day by day and with the advancement of technology social media platforms are also growing, New social media platforms are being developed continuously. The most likely social media platforms nowadays include Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and many more. It is also an accepted fact that every social media platform is designed to provide […]

How do I Link my Instagram to my Website

Instagram is a widely spreading platform on social media. People are visiting Instagram for fun, entertainment, business and information, and many more. Instagram is widely accepting because of its enduring features and beautiful designs. Instagram is also being used for businesses and marketing as well. It is desirable to increase the number of followers on […]

How To See Who Unfollowed You On Instagram

Instagram is an excellent platform for sharing photos, memes, information, and promoting products. On average, every Instagram user has 100-150 followers, and it becomes easy to see who is following you and who is unfollowing you. But when you own a business, brand, or celebrity, it has become difficult to see the followers count. It’s […]

Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot a Post

Millions of posts, including photos, stories are posted on Instagram. Many users want to take a screenshot of their favorite posts and send them to their family and friends. Instagram videos get maximum likes and views on the newsfeed of users. But the question is, does Instagram notify you when someone takes a screenshot? Isn’t […]