How to Change Background Color on Insta Story?

The most commonly used characteristic on social media platforms for stories is the changing of background color.
Most of the features of Instagram have the first step as changing the background that can be a general change of colors in the story. But there are many filters that you may choose and make changes to your post.
For changing your background, you have three different options according to the background type that needs to be added to your story.

Setting up a Solid Background

  • Instagram automatically chooses a default color when you share a post
  • It is not a compulsion to stay on that similar color
  • You can choose a different option for color that highlights your content properly

But how do you do that?
Take a look at the following instructions

How to change background color on Insta Story

  • Click on your story and capture a picture or a video
  • You may also select existing ones from your gallery
  • Just start the highlighting process by pressing on the icon of the brush
  • From the available options choose a color
  • You will be able to see that your story has been applied with new background

If you have selected an already existing post and according to the brand you want to change the background, then the marker can be used to choose the similar color present in your post

Selecting the Already Downloaded Background in your Mobile

How about you trying to be innovative and not restricting yourself to a simple color?
Here you can use the downloaded picture on your mobile phone

Use the following sites to find the background image

  • Pinterest

Download the image you want to use as your background

  • Go to your camera roll after opening the stories
  • Then select the background that you are interested in
  • Add that background to your story

Add a Picture after Changing the Color

How to change background color on Insta Story

You cannot only change the color of the background but also add a picture once you are done with the first step

  • Capture the picture after opening the stories
  • Use the brush for highlighting the post
  • Choose your Favorite color and for a few seconds click on your screen
  • Your background is applied with the new color
  • Go to your gallery and select the photo you want to use and copy it
  • Once you move back towards your stories at the bottom of your screen, a notification shows that your photo has been copied
  • Simply paste that image on your story with the selected background

Changing the background color of the Instagram story helps you add various effects to your post. It looks attractive and people like to view it over and over again. Selecting the background color that best suits your picture is also an art. With the help of different options available for changing your background, you may be able to get more views , gain more Instagram followers and increase the number of likes on your posts.