How to Change the Background of the Instagram Story?

Instagram is the best video and photo-sharing app and is popular all over the world for business promotion and fun-loving activities. It allows the users to create funny, eye-catchy, and attractive video content to gain followers and increase your popularity. Along with uploading your photo and video content, you can grab the attention of your followers by posting creative stories for your followers.

It is the best way to share something new, informative, personal, or important to the followers or to tell something to your friend without mentioning them. You can play several hacks and tricks and can make more fun on Instagram.

By changing the background of your Instagram stories according to the mood, and the thing you are explaining or want to make familiar to your viewers, you can enhance your fan following, views, and likes. Here we will help you to know how to change the background of Instagram stories.

It is not tough to change the Instagram story’s background. Instagram’s features are adorable to grab the attention of anyone.

Changing the Background into Solid Colors

Changing the Background into Solid Colors on Instagram

If you have a business account and you want to share something about your business you can pick a solid color for the background and can write informative news on it through the pen tool. For this follow the given steps:

  • Open your Instagram stories and upload any photon from your gallery
  • Now press on the color option on the top a color wheel will show. From the color wheel, choose your desired color
  • Hold it for a long time, and then click in the center of the photo to change color.
  • A solid color will appear. You can write on it through different color pen tools for getting the attention of your viewers.
  • You can create fun also by reactivating the eraser tool and reveal the portion behind the solid color.

Pick any Picture for Background

  • Open Instagram stories
  • From the camera roll, pick the desired photo and copy it from the menu at the bottom.
  • Now return to choose stickers or write option for creativity fun on photo

Change the live photos into Boomerangs

You can share your live photos taken about within 24 hours into Boomerangs also;

Change Live Photos to Boomerang on Instagram Story

  • From the Instagram stories option, swipe up to choose the live photos from the camera roll
  • After selecting the photo, press it for some seconds
  • Boomerangs option will appear
  • Click on it for converting photos into boomerangs and then upload on Instagram stories

Make Collages of your Photos

Make Collages of your Photos on Instagram story

  • From the gallery, pick the photo and go to the copy option for copy
  • Now open Instagram stories and paste your copied photo
  • By adding more than one photo, in the same way, will automatically convert them into a collage
  • You can choose the layout mood present on Instagram stories and can reveal the different parts of the photo in form of a grid
  • To engage your viewers in your account, you can ask any question about the photo, or make a quiz section. You can use branded Instagram highlight covers to make your account popular. It will increase your Instagram views, likes, and will help you gain more followers.