How to Deactivate Instagram on iPhone?

It has now become a part of the everyday exercise for many people in this world to post photographs and videos on Instagram. Be that as it may, at one point, you may want to invest energy far from this application. It is because a career becomes the priority of a person or maybe because people want to stay alone for a while. On the off chance that you come across these elements, and plan to erase your account on Instagram or deactivate it for a brief time, read the article to find out!

For certain reasons, you may need to briefly deactivate Instagram on an iPhone application or even erase Instagram permanently. This article offers you great help on the best way to deactivate or erase an Instagram account from iPhone 6/6plus/7/8/11, iPhone X/XS briefly or forever. The most effective method to Deactivate Instagram from iPhone App. As per the Instagram strategy, you are permitted to erase your Instagram account as you needed to.

Deactivate or Remove Account Permanently

To deactivate or erase an Instagram account, you need to sign into Instagram to complete different advances. Keep in mind, you can’t impair or erase an Instagram account in case that you can’t sign into it. You can make it just by relying on the prerequisite that you have the username just as a secret key.


Take a look at the following guideline to answer your question on “how to deactivate Instagram on iPhone”

  • Go to the lower right side of the application and open the page of your profile
  • Go to settings from your profile page
  • Go to “Help” and click on “Help Center”

Delete Instagram Account Permanently Step 1

  • Click on the link “managing your account” and it will be opened on a new page

Delete Instagram Account Permanently Step 2

  • The link for deleting your account is to be clicked

Delete Instagram Account Permanently Step 3

  • You will see “How do I delete my account”. Press that!

Delete Instagram Account Permanently Step 4

  • Press on the link of “delete your account” on a new page to permanently get rid of it
  • They will ask you for a reason for deleting your account. Simply select any answer and to remove your account, enter your password for the last time.

Deactivate or Remove Account Temporarily

If you want to disable your account temporarily then all the information related to your account will go invisible until you plan to activate your account again. This includes your username, display picture, and all the posts that you had uploaded including the views, followers, and a number of likes.

  • For temporarily disabling your account on iPhone, follow these steps:
  • Log in to your Instagram account
  • Click on the profile icon and start editing
  • You will see “Temporarily disable my account”, click on it and select a reason for doing so.

Other than deleting your account permanently, you can likewise briefly deactivate your account on Instagram. This, as well, will shroud your profile, photographs, remarks, and likes. Yet, you have the choice to reactivate your IG account whenever. You have effectively deactivated your Instagram account. To reactivate, open the application or visit and sign in utilizing the normal, worn-out username and your password.

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