How to Download Audio from Instagram?

Instagram has become the most popular social networking site today where people find interesting and engaging content to enjoy. While scrolling on Instagram you will come across interesting and engaging Instagram reels. You will find millions of interesting audio and videos on Instagram that you may want to download to your device. But the question is how to download audio from Instagram?

Instagram has added new features, one of which is that it allows you to download audios of your choice in an MP3 form. To download your favorite audios, you need to get some Mp3 downloader either on a website or by downloading an app. The process of downloading is simple. You can easily copy the URL of the video on Instagram, then use an online video converter to change the file into Mp3 audio, and then save that file to your device. Nevertheless, you can only download audios from public profiles and private do now allow downloading. If you want to download audio from Instagram, follow these simple steps.

Steps to Download Audio from Instagram

The process of downloading your favorite audio from video files on Instagram is simple. These steps are simple and easy to follow.

  • Open Instagram on your tablet or phone: Open the Instagram app from your device menu. You can find this icon on the home screen or open Instagram on an internet browser on any mobile or desktop.
  • Search the video whose audio you need: You may download music from your own profile or any public video. Audios from private accounts cannot be downloaded.
  • Copy video link: Click the three-dot icon located on the top-right end of the post and tap the copy link option from the opened pop-up menu. This copies the selected video’s link to the clipboard.
  • Open any video downloader like 4ins: There are different online websites that allow downloading audios from Instagram videos. These converters will convert Instagram videos to audio and download music to your storage.
  • Paste the link: When you open the site, you will find an empty box. Paste the link to the Instagram video in this box and click the submit option. This will search up the video options for the link that you pasted.
  • Tap convert to Mp3: Once you find the video from the list that you want, click the “Convert to Mp3” option. On every website, you will find this option. Clicking this will convert your video into an Mp3 audio file.
  • Download the Mp3 audio: When your video is converted to mp3 audio, click the download mp3 button and save this audio of the video file to your computer or phone’s local storage. When your audio is saved on your device, you can easily access it whenever you want.

Downloading audio files from Instagram is not entirely a direct process, but it isn’t very hard or time-consuming. Simply follow the steps given above to download your favorite audios from the Instagram app to listen to them whenever you want!

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