How to Find Out Who Looks at your Instagram?

Instagram is the most popular trending app in the whole world. People used this platform for uploading their content in the form of videos and photos etc. They also wait to see when their posts get a higher number of Instagram likes and more views. When their content gets viral, they gain more fan following, and it makes their account viral. Everyone wants to become viral and wants to see the people who make them viral. So to find out who looks at your profile, we will discuss below:

Instagram Stories

See who Viewed Instagram Story

These are the photos and videos up to 15 seconds which then disappear. The Instagram stories always appear at the user’s app when they log in and tap it for viewing. There is no straight way by which we find out who is looking at our Instagram profile. The Instagram stories are one of the sources by which you can see who is visiting your profile. The time frame of Instagram stories is 24hours. During this time frame, you can check the Instagram stalker in the following way:

How to Check the List of People who Look into your Instagram?

On Instagram, by clicking on the profile icon, you will get the list of those people who view your profile. You can not only access the list but can block those people to whom you don’t want to share your content.

Instagram Highlights

We know that Instagram stories are for a short period. So the solution for this issue is; if you want to check the list of people again and again for more than 24 hours, then go to the highlights to check the list of the people that are visiting your profile.

Instagram Story Highlights

Instagram Business Accounts

Having an Instagram business account proves very helpful. In this way, you can find out a list of the people who view your Instagram account. The personal account of the users also converts into a business account. The business account on Instagram is public, which means anyone can see it. The business account on Instagram will give you this access in an easy way. This business account will tell you about the gender of the person, the place where the person lives, the age of the person, and the time when someone would look into your account. The users from the business account don’t know the names of the people who are visiting their profile.

Conversion of Simple to the Business Account

Switch to Business Profile

The process of converting from a personal account to a business account is easy. Go to the Instagram setting and click on the option switch to a business profile. In this way, you can get the information of the stalkers. The information of the Instagram stalker is necessary from the business point of view. When advertising your services or products, you must know which types of people are reaching on your account? When you know your target audience, you will perform better publicity and get more views and likes resultantly.