How To Get A Verified Badge On Instagram?

Instagram is a social media platform where firstly, people share their pictures and daily life. But the game moves to another level when different content creators, business owners, and service providers join this. If you are from any of these categories, a blue tick gives you more opportunities to grow like you can gain more fan following.

What is an Insta Verified Badge?

The verification badge is a blue tick mark displayed next to the username. It ensures that Instagram verifies the account is authentic and belongs to a public figure.

Moreover, it saves your fans to follow fake and fan page accounts. It also confirms real brands, and you trust their quality, but without a blue tick account, you may think hundreds of times before order placement.

How To Apply For Verification?

How To Get A Verified Badge On Instagram

If your account is unique and you have confidence that your account has all the required qualities, then move to the next step, applying for verification.

  • Log in to your account first
  • Click the menu on the top right corner
  • Go to settings
  • Select account and then account verification
  • Fill the application and provide the required details
  • Submit and wait for a response

The Instagram response is a little strange because the reply can be a yes or no. There are no reasons why you are eligible or not eligible?

Requirements For Verification

Anyone can apply for verification, but it depends on Instagram whether they accept it or not. Instagram gives this to few public figures and popular brands.

But only for application submission still need to be eligible. These are the following requirements.

  • Authentic: You must be a real person, a real brand, or a public figure for the application. If your account is like quotes related or running a fan page, you can’t apply for a verification badge.
  • Unique: Only a single account can be verified; you can’t apply for different accounts.
  • Public: If your account is private or you want to keep it private, you are not eligible for this.
  • Complete: Your account must have a profile photo, complete bio, and more than one post. If you have all this, you can apply for it.
  • Notable: This is the most important factor; if you are famous and people frequently search your account, your account has a large number of followers. Because of all this, you have a higher chance to get verified. But still, it is not confirmed because it depends on Instagram.

There is no specific set of eligibility defined by Instagram, but this is all about observation and experience.

Tips To Get Verified

If you are waiting to get verified, these few tips help to fasten your speed towards your goal.

Monitor Fake Accounts

If you have an issue with fake accounts using your identity, here it works best for you. It shows that you are famous. Only a single account can be verified; therefore, you can apply.

Stay Active

It is essential to stay active, so Instagram noticed you easily. If you are actively sharing photos, moments of your life, or something creative and engaging, it gives a good impression.

Stay Active On Different Social Media Platforms

An active presence on other social media networks evaluates your chances to be verified. All this helps you to be visible and easily noticeable.

This is not easy to get verified, it takes so much effort and planning, but these efforts are still less than benefits. Once you get verified, you can enjoy many exciting things like high reach, more Instagram views, gain followers, maximum engagement, and growth in business. Verification badge makes you stand from others and show your uniqueness.