How to Get the New Instagram Update?

One feels annoyed when the new Instagram highlights are not appearing on your application. You are not by any means the only one who saw the missing Instagram highlights, so follow some Instagram tips that may assist you with getting them rapidly. 

Most importantly, it must be on the grounds that your application isn’t completely updated to the latest version. Another reason could be that your Instagram isn’t set to “update consequently,” and it turns out to be the case that you still utilize the old form of Instagram

There are a couple of techniques you can attempt to get the missing Instagram highlights.

This is what you can do:

Update your Instagram Application

How to get the new Instagram Update


  • If it is an iPhone, open the app store and click play store for an Android
  • Find Instagram and check for refreshes
  • If there was another variant accessible, download and introduce it.
  • Check if the issue is fixed

Log out/into your Instagram Account

Sometimes logging out of your Instagram record and logging back in again will tackle the issues. It looks like you are restarting your Instagram.

Reinstall the Instagram Application on your Gadget

If you are still facing the issue continuously, try erasing the application and launch it on your mobile again with a new account.

Reinstall Instagram application

  • Go to your landing page, long press Instagram, and uninstall it
  • Go to play store or application store and download and introduce Instagram once more
  • Log in to your record and check in the event that you got the new highlights.

Patience Matters

Still, if it doesn’t work after a load of techniques, you simply need to pause. 

It requires some investment for Instagram to carry out new highlights all throughout the planet. It’s entirely expected for large stages to deliver new updates step by step. The new component probably won’t be accessible in your nation yet, or it probably won’t be accessible on your Instagram account. 

Then again, perhaps one of your accounts as of now has the new highlights while your different ones probably won’t have it yet, which appears to be strange in some way or another. Shouldn’t we have a similar element on both of our Instagram accounts? Indeed, it seems as though Instagram thinks about our accounts as separate ones. In this case, you must send a complaint to Instagram which will definitely solve the matter. 

Contact Instagram

In case it has been quite a while since you’ve been hanging tight for the new Instagram highlights, contact the organization and inform them regarding your circumstance.

How to Contact Instagram?

  • Open your Instagram application and go to your settings
  • Scroll down to the base and select “Report an issue.”

Report a Problem on Instagram

  • Write your question and press send.
  • Wait for a couple of days, and Instagram will answer you when they get your report.

Once you start receiving new updates, you will be able to keep your own account up to date that will help you gain more fan following. Your new version of Instagram will let you add to the views and increase number of likes of other accounts and get hold of new pictures and videos.