How To Know Who Viewed My Instagram?

Instagram has billions of monthly users and its importance can never be ignored. Daily 20 million people use Instagram and engage with different Instagram accounts either they are their friends, celebrities, and brands.

Similarly, millions of posts are shared where users get the attention. Stalking is a common habit that most of us do to see our favorite accounts. But the question is how can I know how to stalk or view my Instagram?

There is no direct way or official feature which tells you who is stalking your Instagram profile.
Instagram itself is not sure about this feature because it’s totally unpredictable to get this feature officially from Instagram.

But there are many other apps and software that can give you details about your profile. They also give the details about gain followers, increasing fan following, and getting reports to manage the account more accurately.


Profile+ Analyzer

It’s an app that is available for smartphone users to get some details. There is a tab in the app interface which shows “ Who viewed my profile. Many reviews claiming it doesn’t work but you must try to test the authenticity of these negative reviews. It will tell you about the follower’s count and also show the users who recently viewed your Instagram profile. Followers count will help you check the progress and make plans on how you can increase the number of followers.

Apps for How To Know Who Viewed My Instagram?

SocialView for Instagram

SocialView for Instagram

The app is only for iPhone users which claim to show the usernames of the people who viewed your Instagram. Maybe it will not work properly as they have claimed in their description. Social views have many other features which will help you to grow your account organically. The android users can’t install it because it’s not available on the play store.

How Can You Really See Who Viewed Your Instagram Profile?

It is not true that Instagram allows you to know the stalkers. But Instagram stories and highlights show the people who are visiting your profile to see these stories. Moreover, you can use all other third-party apps to know the other details about your account like the number of un-followers, users who have blocked you, and other such functions. But there is a chance of stealing your data through these insecure apps.

See Views on Instagram Story

Instagram Business Account to see Who View your Account

If you have a business and a leading brand, you must have a business version of Instagram to get more business-related queries. It will tell you and give a complete report of insights. But the drawback is that it will give you limited information about which are relevant to business growth.

Although these insights would not indicate the names of users they will give other details like their ages, and other information. To make the professional account a business account, you need to change the settings of your Instagram profile. By tracking you can increase the number of likes and gain views on videos.

To do this, you need to go into settings and click on ‘Switch to business account’. You can also convert your Facebook page information to an Instagram business account to deal with customers with just one app.