How To Link 2 Instagram Accounts?

It is quite common for Instagram users to have more than one account, and there may be multiple reasons behind this choice. Some may have two accounts keeping one a private account and the other one a business account. Since it may be difficult to run both of the accounts together, most people consider linking the two accounts a better option. The question is “how to link 2 Instagram accounts?”. If you are in search of an answer, we assure you, you are at the right place. 

Is It Possible To Link Two Instagram Accounts?

Yes, linking two Instagram accounts is possible. This allows you to switch between these accounts without the need to log in and log out again and again. The process of linking two accounts on Instagram is straightforward. Before being able to switch between the accounts, you need to add the Instagram accounts. Let’s see the process of linking Instagram accounts. 

How To Link 2 Instagram Accounts?

How to Link 2 Different Instagram Accounts

To add multiple accounts to your Instagram and link them, here are a few simple steps to follow. 

Step 1:  Open your Instagram app and tap on the profile picture located in the right bottom corner to enter your profile.

Step 2: On the top right corner, you will see a three-line button. Tap on that and click on settings located at the bottom of the opened bar. 

Step 3: When the settings open, scroll down to the button on the page. You will find the “add account” option. 

Step 5: Next, click the create account button and choose between the personal or business account. After that enter the username and password of that account that you want to add. 

Step 6: Once the details are added, tap the login button to add the account. Now that the account is added, you can easily switch between the two whenever you want. 

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Benefits Of Having Multiple Linked Instagram Accounts

Why is there a need of having more than one Instagram account linked? There are some benefits that you get from having different Instagram accounts linked. 

  • Separating work life from personal
    If you run a business, you need to keep your private life separate from your public one. You wouldn’t want your customers seeing your messages, and also not bombarding your private contacts with business-related work. So, by having two separate accounts linked on Instagram, you can keep both activities aside while switching between the two with ease.
  • Switch between accounts when needed
    With two accounts separately linked, you can easily switch between the two whenever needed without the need of having to log in and log out again and again. This gives you the ease of using two accounts separately yet simultaneously.
  • Separate your interests
    By creating two separate profiles you can easily manage what you share and post keeping in mind the interest of the different audiences at both ends. And when the accounts are linked together, you don’t have to worry about the difficulty of logging in and out.

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