How To Link Facebook Post To Instagram?

It is a skill of the accounts on Instagram to cross-post to Facebook for some time. You may share the post uploaded on Instagram to your Facebook page or profile during the process of upload, yet this is an uneven exchange as of not long ago. Many possibilities gave excitement to the marketers when business account on Instagram got acquainted with the Facebook page. 

There are likewise circumstances where you need to present similar content on both social media platforms and the capacity to do give you more time and diminish responsibility. This component permits you to just use a posting alternative in the form of Instagram with the post you are making on Facebook, naturally sharing the post on Instagram. The greater part of us utilize a few informal communities, and posting similar posts on various organizations can be monotonous. 

In the present article, we’re demonstrating how to share Facebook posts on Instagram easily, so we should begin.

Sharing Facebook Posts On Instagram

Usually, the idea behind this action is to increase views on one post. If it happens, you can easily gain a number of likes

  • Open your owned page on Facebook
  • On the left side, go to the “Settings”



  • Choose Instagram



  • Click the button of “Connect account” on the right side



  • Add your details and log in to your Instagram account



  • Post something new on Facebook
  • You will be able to option Instagram on it
  • Choose it and press “Share now”

Remember that this strategy would not work with various pictures. Likewise, a few pages probably won’t be intended to work with Instagram right now. Notice that old Facebook posts cannot be distributed on Instagram, and the equivalent goes for the Facebook stories. 

This component is restricted to Facebook pages, and to post to Instagram, keep in mind that it is mandatory for your post to contain a picture.

IFTTT, Hootsuite, Or Buffer Can Be Used As Well

IFTTT, Hootsuite, Or Buffer Can Be Used As Well


This strategy is another answer to the question “How to link Facebook post to Instagram”. Follow these steps, share posts, and gain more fan following

  • Login to your account on IFTTT
  • Facebook page is to be used for service on Instagram
  • Press on the button “Connect”
  • Login to your accounts on Instagram and Facebook when asked
  • By doing this, the posts are shared on Instagram directly from Facebook

A wide range of characteristics are offered by IFTTT, so you should try different things with various Facebook and Instagram plans to accomplish the ideal outcomes. 

On the other hand, various services can be availed, for example, Hootsuite or Buffer that permit you to post on various informal organizations all the while, however, these kinds of administrations as a rule have a month to month expense. 


Sharing Facebook posts on Instagram is really straightforward, and you simply need to change your Facebook Page settings and connect your Instagram record to it. 

Subsequent to doing that, you can simply choose the Instagram alternative when sharing your post. 

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