How To Make Grid Pictures On Instagram?

When People upload any content on Instagram, they want to gain Instagram followers, more Instagram views, and a high number of likes on their content to become viral overnight. Have you ever thought about how can you make your pictures on Instagram attractive? How can you inspire your followers?

The grid pictures on Instagram take the attention of the people. When we grid the pictures it adds a greater number of pictures in one box in your news feed. In this way, you can create a mixture of incredible photos and post them right away. The posting of the picture in this way will result in maximum attention from the people in the form of increased followers, likes, views, and more Instagram comments.

Creative Ways Of Making Grids

Creative Ways Of Making Grids

The selection of the right color combination is very necessary to make your gallery outstanding.

Create Checkerboard

When you will change the style of the photo by alternating, it makes a checkerboard look in the grid.

Row Arrangement

While making a grid of images arrange your images in row by row. This will create an attractive and catchy look.

Vertical Column Arrangement

This will create a vertical and central arrangement of the image. It is the best way to mix and display the brand and graphics together. 

Rainbow Effect

This involves the use of saturated color. The grid shows a transition of shades from one image to other and from one row to other. 

Use of Apps

There are different apps by which you make grid pictures on Instagram:

Pic Splitter

Pic Splitter

The pic splitter creates the picture into smaller pieces. This app is applicable on iOS devices and android. In this app, you are provided with multiple options for making grid pictures. These options are:

  • Size of tiles
  • Scaling of photos
  • Background color

You can select any Instagram layout for the grid and gather 9 images from one picture

  • Tile pic

It also creates the picture into small pieces and creates the gradient of aesthetic images.

Insta Grid

Insta Grid

  • For android users, this is a good app for making grid pictures for Instagram.
  • Load the image from your camera into the app
  • Crop the desired area which you want to add to the Instagram
  • From the bottom right upload the image file. In this way, they will appear in the correct order on Instagram.

Preview App

  • The initial use of this preview app is also somehow similar to other apps. 
  • After making a login you will see grid images. When you click on the + button at the top right corner you can select the desired images. 
  • The order of the images can also be changed by swapping. The images can also be edited by using this app by the wheel icon at the bottom. A bar is present at the top which you can use for the advanced setting.
  • When editing is complete, save the button. 


  • The starting process of this app is also similar to the above-mentioned images.
  • In this, you can upload your images at once. 
  • Scroll up, select the images, click on done
  • You can also rearrange your images by swapping and also edit them
  • If you want to set the reminder click on the hourglass at the top right
  • By clicking on the custom post option at the bottom you can select your planned post and set your preferable date and time.


  • When you make a grid by using this app, click on the + symbol. On the media, on the screen taps the device option and select images.
  • Rearranging of pictures, their editing, and setting of reminders for the post are done on this app.