How To Reset Instagram Password Without Email?

Instagram is the largest, most trending, and popular website for many users. There are billions of active users of Instagram. Instagram is the platform where you get fame overnight. This can only be possible when the content such as videos, images, etc. from your account gets a high number of likes; more views; and you get enough followers gradually. Instagram is popular because of its user-friendly features. 

Sometimes we forget our password of Instagram account. Instagram sends you an email or text message for resetting the password. Sometimes the situation also becomes worse when the email is not accessible to you. In that situation have you ever thought that how will you reset the password without email? There are many ways by which you can reset your password, but for this, you have to go through the whole document to find out the solution to your problem.

The Procedure Of Resetting The Password Without Email

Reset Instagram Password With facebook

The following step-by-step process will help you in resetting your Instagram password. The following method will work when you do not have access to your email as well as your phone number. The method is suitable for both conditions. This method is applicable on both iPhones and android.

  • Make a log-in on the Instagram page.
  • Click on the option to log in with Facebook, and then you will enter the Facebook page. This method is possible when you have an account on Facebook.

Using Your Mobile Number

Reset Instagram Password With Mobile Number

Another method is applicable when you will not access not only your email but also your Facebook account.

  • Go to the Instagram log-in page.
  • Then select the help me sign in option.
  • You will ask for your mobile number which is associated with your Instagram page.
  • After entering the mobile number, you will get the Instagram log-in link.
  • In this way, you can reset the password without having an email.

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