How To Search People On Instagram Without An Account?

Instagram is the most wanted social media platform. The social media platform serves multiple purposes for people. You can like, share and view videos. This is not limited here; you can also share your content and post.

The people’s natural urge after uploading and sharing the content is to become viral. They want to get Instagram followers, increase Instagram likes, more views, and shares. Any Instagram account which gets enough of these compliments becomes viral.

Apart from all of these entertainments on this platform, sometimes we want to search for someone. Most people want to search for some friends, secret friends, their crush, anyone, or any celebrity. Unfortunately, they don’t have an Instagram account. So in that case what will they do? So this article will give you three methods by which you or another solves their problem of searching.

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Methods Of Finding The People Without An Instagram Account

There are three ways by which you can search for someone without an Instagram account. The steps of three different methods are given below:

Search By UsernameMethods Of Finding The People Without An Instagram Account

  • For this method, you must have a web browser.
  • Write the name of that person on the browser which you want to search.
  • The username is very important for this method. Otherwise, you can’t search for the person.
  • Write this in a web browser.
  • In this step, write the name of the profile at the end of the URL address.
  • For example, if you want to search for Sarah’s profile what will you do?
  • You write Amna at the end like this,
  • Then press enter.

For celebrity search, you can use Google directly. For example, if you want to search for Atif Aslam

  • Write the official Instagram account of Atif Aslam on the search bar.
  • Press enter. You will reach Atif Aslam’s official account on Instagram.
  • When you are searching remember that you can only see public photos.
  • You can also search it by type This will also take you to the profile.

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Free Web Service

They are freely available web services for searching Instagram profiles without an account. 

  • Go to the web browser and write the name of the website ImgInn on the search bar. 
  • Then write the name of the profile or you can also write a hashtag which you want to search.
  • The list of the profiles will appear on the screen with the names which you want to search.
  • By clicking on the hashtag you will see the list of all hashtags.
  • When the profile page opens you will see all the posts of the user on the profile page. There is a download button on the right side. If you click it you can download the pictures. All the Instagram stories will be visible to you with your single click.

Search By Real Name On The Google

Search on Google

  • Write the name of the person which you want to search followed by the Instagram word. 
  • For example profile name+ Instagram keyword
  • The results will appear on the screen. You can then select and open your desired one.