How To Split Photos On Instagram?

Instagram has grown into the most popular social networking platform and has taken the lead amongst its competitors. By bringing newer upgrades for its users every few months, it has become an attraction for many social media lovers. Amongst other features of editing photos, Instagram now offers a splitting photos feature. Do you want to know how to split photos on Instagram? Impress your current followers and gain new ones on Instagram using the simple splitting technique. This technique allows larger sizes photos on the feed by making a big size montage from small-sized individual images. This mosaic effect is very interesting and intriguing. 

If you want to know more about how to split photos on Instagram, read more here because we describe simple instructions for you to follow and enjoy the effect. 

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Steps To Split Photos On Instagram

Different apps are present to split Instagram photos, one of which is the Preview app that allows simple Image splitter tools within the application. To split the image using this application, follow these simple steps:

  1. Press on the “+” button after downloading the app to your device.
    click on plus icon
  2. After clicking this, click on the “split image” option and choose the grid that you want to split your image into. There are different grid options that you can choose from.
    click on split image
  3. Adjust the image into the grid as you want it to be. You can zoom in and out, and also move the image to adjust it to your liking.
    choose a grid option
  4. That’s it! you are done. Your picture will split into small pieces with each post appearing in the preview grid.
    all Done
  5. Now you must post your grid on the Instagram app. You can set the app to auto-post to make posting easier. But if you want to do it manually, press the post, click the share button, and then click post to Instagram to share it there. 

By splitting images, more people will engage with you. It helps you to get more followers and more likes.

While this is just one application that can be used to split photos, there are many others like Pic Splitter that work on Instagram with Android and iOS devices. This application allows you to scale the photo of your choice, set the tile size, and choose the background color to adjust any empty spaces. You can choose a grid layout by unchecking and checking the tiles. You can also create up to 9 image files of different sizes. This application has versions for the iOS devices on the App stores, and for Android devices on the Google play store. 

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If you want to make a big announcement on Instagram, or simply want to engage your followers towards attractive content, you can use different splitting images tools and apps that can easily split your images into beautiful, and amazing multiple posts. You can split your image into two, three, four, or more separate tiles. You can use any application to do this, like PLANOLY, Preview app, etc. These splitting tools make your Instagram feed more interesting and engaging, creating content that followers love and appreciate.