How To Tell If Someone Blocked You On Instagram?

In today’s social media life, it’s very easy to stay connected to one another. Likewise, shutting someone out from your life is also very easy and simple. There are many reasons to block someone from your social media perform either maybe it’s your ex-partner, any toxic relative, or someone you dislike due to its posts and videos. Some people don’t bother whether someone blocked them or not, because they don’t care about the number of likes and more views on their posts. And if you think you have been blocked by someone, it is not very difficult to find out for sure.

General Signs That You Have Been Blocked By Someone

Followings are some quick general signs to know that you have been blocked from Instagram by someone:

  • You are unable to find that person on the search bar.
  • You are unable to see their posts, followers, and followings.
  • You are unable to send a message to that person.
  • The direct message conversation of that person disappears.
  • You are unable to see their Instagram stories. 
  • The person, who blocked you, cannot see your comments and posts.
  • If you search them from another account, the look may be different for you as well as for them.

From above all quick signs, the best way to find out is to search them from another account. Here are some detailed methods to find out whether the person blocked you or deactivated or deleted his or her account.

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  • Search their profile
    To find out whether someone blocked you, the first step is to search them and if you can access their posts while their account is public, then you might have not been blocked. If the posts of that person do not show up in the post display area and you are able to see their number of followers and followings, then the person definitely blocked you.
  • Go and check your own profile
    Instagram does not delete old comments and likes whether the person blocked you or not. If you still see their comments and likes on your posts and by clicking their profile, you are unable to see their posts, then the person might block you.
  • Check direct messages and group messages

    Check direct messages and group messages


    Check your direct messages, if you have doubts of been blocked. If you still had an old chat with them, the person does not block you. But if not, then you may have been blocked.

  • Search them in a browser
    Open any internet browser and search the link (if you know the exact username), an error message appears ‘Sorry, this page isn’t available if you have logged in to your Instagram account on that browser.
  • Use another account
    The best and easy method is to search for them from another account. If you have another account, go and searched them. I don’t, request your friend to do a quick search for you. If everything looks good from another account, then you may have not been blocked.

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