How to Trace an Instagram Account?

Instagram, a well-known social media app for sharing videos and photos, facilitates the user with a lot of unique features where you can easily detect the location of photos and videos. It’s the largest platform where you will find millions of users. Although there is a proper registration method for its updating. Still, then you will find a lot of fake accounts that are illegal.

The illegal account not only causes a problem for other users but also becomes a cause of a problem for the owner. A fake account is a problem for followers and those who like the posts and videos of that user. It is not easy to detect/trace any new user who has created a new Instagram account but it is not possible to trace anyone. Here are some hacks that will help you to know how to trace an Instagram account?

Hacks to Trace an Instagram Account

Chat with the Owner of the Account

It is a very easy method, but sometimes it doesn’t work well. You can chat with the person to know who he/she is. But if it seems that you will not get the desired result after a chat and being a friend of that user, you can check its profile. But to ask directly, you will have revealed your own identity and tell him why you want to know about him. It can become a source of embarrassment for you.

Use a Third-Party Application

The Instatracker application of Instagram is also helpful for this purpose. It tracks down the user in a proper way.

  • Open the application page.
  • Now enter the name and user id of the person you want to track
  • Wait for further processing of the application
  • You will get the information about the account after a few minutes’ wait.
  • After entering the username and before clicking on the processing button, never forget to check the profile of that person. As many people have a similar username.

Through Instagram IP address

How to Trace an Instagram Account?

An IP address is also helpful for this work. For this, first of all, follow the user whose IP address you require, and after that, DM him a specially crafted URL. It is a standard website that reads the recorded information. When you DM this URL and log into it, it will give the information of the IP address.

The IP address of any user id can also be found out by entering its address on the search bar. It doesn’t require any URL for creating or finding the IP address of the desired Instagram account.

Keep in mind that rules and laws have become strict. So if someone is annoying you, then you can report it to the police or cybercrime. They will not only help you in finding the desired data but will also take notice of that violence. They can trace the data even after deactivation of the account as data of the deleted account remains stored in the database, and it can be drawn out at any time.

Apart from cybercrime, Instagram is the best place for you to show your talent and grow your business. You gain more followers if your content is meaningful. Through your content, you can stand out on Instagram and get maximum likes on your posts.