How to View Instagram Stories Without them Knowing?

You might be wondering at the title, but it’s possible. You have the option to view someone’s story without letting him/her known. Instagram doesn’t have a proper way like WhatsApp to allow you to hide in some’s story. But you can do this with some tricks. Without being judgmental, the article will continue to tell you the tactics to answer your query about how to view Instagram stories without them knowing?

There are two ways to do that. Both of them are easy to apply and maybe they are beyond your knowledge.

Method 1: Swipe half of that story

In this method, you can easily watch the pictures uploaded to their stories. You can do this using these steps.

  • Log in to your Instagram account.
  • Open your account via the app.
  • Your Instagram interface will appear with the post and the stories on the top of the account.
  • Don’t just click that story directly you wanted to hide your existence on. Suppose if the story lies in the 4th place, click the 3rd story.
  • Staying at the 3rd one, gently swipe to the next story but do not swipe fully. Just tilt the next story.
  • When you tilt it in half, you can see what they have uploaded on their story. But they can’t see that you have watched their story.

This is the easiest way of watching someone’s story without letting them know. But this method is valid if the uploaded story has pictures only. In case the story has a video, you have to use another method.

Method 2: Block the user after watching the story

For video content, you can simply block the user when you are done viewing his story. Follow the tips given to get the real method.

  • Open Instagram via the app.
  • From the story section, click on the desired story.
  • You can hide a person’s profile after you have finished watching all of their stories. * Once you have finished watching all of their stories, go to their profile.
  • Long press the “following” button and a pop-up with many options will appear to you.
  • Among many given options, click on the block option. Block the user instantly after watching his/her story. If you don’t want to reveal to him/her that your watcher his/her story.
  • Keep him/her blocked for 24 hours. Because a story stays active for 24 hours. Till his/her story vanishes from Instagram, keep him blocked.

The trick actually works because Instagram won’t let you know whether a person has blocked you or not. A user can’t detect if he’s been blocked by someone. With this approach, you will be able to push your competitors out of the race for more Instagram views and ultimately your own fan following.

The above tips were the easiest way to view a story without letting other people know. But this can be done with various sites as well. Like those of story downloaders. You can add the URL of the user or the username to tell the site about the story. The site will help you to download the desired story. You can watch the downloaded story and there is no need to open their story. And the user whether your follower or not, would not watch your name or id in the watch list.