How To View Instagram Without An Account?

Instagram is a popular way method to communicate with people all around the world. While some people use it for business, others use it for interaction and socialization. Most people know that Instagram cannot be used without an account, but the latest app update makes it possible to see public profiles without having an account. Since the method of blocking the Instagram login popup does not work anymore, you have to search for new ways of viewing Instagram without an account. If you are searching for such ways, you are at the right place. Here we show you how to view Instagram posts, stories, and public profiles without an account. 

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Viewing Instagram Public Profiles Without An Account. 

Viewing Instagram Public Profiles Without An Account. 

Since Instagram does not allow viewing profiles without login from the web, you have to use a third-party app to view and search public profiles without having to use an account. Here are a few simple steps to follow using any third-party app.

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Step 1: Open a browser 

You do not need a specific browser for using a third-party app tool. This can be any browser of your choice or the one that you have installed on your PC. 

Step 2: Search for a trustworthy third-party app

There are multiple third-party apps. Always choose one that does not require any personal information. Sometimes these apps may be malicious, so watch out. 

Step 3: Find the profile you are searching for. 

Normally, the working of all third-party apps is similar. If there is no information required from you, you will search for whatever username you are looking for to find the account.

Step 4: Be sure it allows viewing of private Instagram accounts.

Some apps will not allow viewing private profiles, while others will. So, be sure to choose one that allows you to view all accounts including the private ones. If you find such an app, you can easily browse without needing to sign in. 

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Third-Party App “ImgInn Website”

Third-Party App “ImgInn Website”

Here is an example of using a third-party app “ImgInn website” to view Instagram profiles without having an account. 

Step 1: Use your Mac, PC, Android, or iPhone device to open the Web browser. Once opened, go to the ImgInn website.

Step 2: Add the hashtag or the name of the Instagram profile that you are wishing to view in the given search box, and then press enter. 

Step 3: On pressing enter, the next page will show the Instagram profiles that relate to the searched name. Searching for hashtags will give you a list of related hashtags. Then click on the profile that you want to view to see its content. 

Step 4: just like using Instagram with an account, there is a profile page showing all the published posts. You can see a download button there as well to download the video or photo to your PC. you can also see the stories including the ones from a few months ago.

There are many other websites like ImgInn that can be used for this purpose. 

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