The Best App To Unfollow On Instagram

Instagram is wrapping one billion users around the world. You are also on Instagram and want to establish some standards. Many Instagram accounts have huge audiences, and some people don’t follow back you when you follow them on Instagram.

Therefore, it’s not possible to unfollow these users within a few minutes. If you have felt the same situation, you might have used the best app to unfollow Instagram. Some of these apps are exclusively available for desktops, and several are for smartphone users and PCs.

Followers Assistant

Instagram Follower Assistant

The followers assistant has many other functions as it tells you which Instagram user has followed back to you, who has unfollowed you, and many features. The app is fantastic, allowing you to know who doesn’t interact with you even after following you and which account unfollowed you in recent times.

Followers assistant helps you to bulk unfollow the users up to 200. It has a Quick Stop Follow tool that enables the unfollow feature for the users who don’t follow back or unfollow you after getting follow back.

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InsTrack has also included the hot list of the best app to unfollow on Instagram, which has relatively straightforward and quick functions. But the only thing which makes it annoying it’s available for iPhone users. Its track has several tools and features that assist you in handling your Instagram account with more power.

The app tells you which users are not following you back and gives you much other important information that can make your Instagram journey more enjoyable. 



The app is the best alternative to all similar apps. The name is clear, and it also helps you know the fan’s following number with all details. The most unique and critical option that this app offers is the single tap to unfollow bulk users. It has a tab that shows you the accounts which are not following you back, and you can unfollow them in one step.

Instagram is becoming one of the best social media platforms where the user having fun, selling products, and doing advertisements as well. ActiveIG will help you to get maximum followers for your profile.

Mass Unfollow App for Instagram

Mass Unfollow App for Instagram

Mass Unfollow App for Instagram is another best choice for bulk unfollowing users. It functions fast and quickly to unfollow a considerable number of users.

It also gives you insight into lists of the accounts with complete details. But the disadvantage of android users is the absence of the app on the Play store. Although bugs are reported in the app, overall, it’s the best app for bulk actions.

Follower Insight For Instagram

Follower Insight

The app is the best choice for Instagram users who want to manage multiple accounts and their complete insights. It enables you to track the users who follow back to you, unfollow you, and tell you which are following you.

Followers’ insight for Instagram also shows the time in which an event has happened. It also tells you which time will be the best for you to share a new post. But it’s only available for android users and needs downloading of the app to work.