Who Looks At My Instagram App? | Different Ways to Find Out!

Instagram is one of the top picture and video-sharing social media apps. It has many exciting features like the latest filters, stickers, and you can see the insight of engagement rate and reach of your content. But ever you want to know who stalks my account? Or who visits my profile regularly? These thoughts are legit, and you must know these things to keep yourself aware and safe. Unfortunately, Instagram lacks this feature while other social media apps allow this.

There is also a reason behind this restriction that many Instagram users are just viewers. So if they allow you to watch details, it might be unacceptable for viewers. As a result, reduction in Instagram engagement rate.

Ways To Find Who Look At Your Instagram

Third-Party Apps

Many apps in the market claim to show who looks at your Instagram, but this is all fake. Because in Instagram policy, they mentioned that the following things are shared with third-party apps: a username, bio, profile picture, and email.

But wait, I have a solution for your problem.

Apps to Check Who Viewed Instagram Profile

There are many ways to keep track of people who view your Instagram profile. Here I am sharing a list of them so you can pick the right one for you. Let’s start without any delay.

Story Views

However, Instagram doesn’t share a list of viewers on your posts, but you can see your story viewers. People who visit your profile often watch your stories.

To check viewers usernames follow these steps:

  • Open your story
  • Click views on the bottom left side

Instagram Story Views

  • Here you go, you have a complete record of viewers

You can check viewers of your old stories and even if they are not your followers.

If you are an influencer, help yourself in increasing popularity by gaining Instagram video views.

Like and Comments

Instagram likes and comments


This is clear from the title that keeps an eye on your notifications, who likes and comments on your content. If someone likes your posts regularly, you can find out easily by noticing daily activities. From this, you can conclude who is stalking your Instagram.

Apart from this, if you are an influencer we would suggest you put on every possible effort to gain Instagram likes and multiple comments on your Instagram posts to boost your engagement rate.

Business Account

If your account is a simple user account. In that case, you can’t see any additional details like engagement rate, reach, location of visitors, gender, and percentage of follower visitors or non-followers visitors.

To get a hand at all this information, convert your account into a business account. However, it still does not reveal the viewer’s usernames.

A Private Account

The purpose behind knowing about stalkers is safety and privacy. If you are not a public figure and don’t want to live as an influencer, this suits you most. Keep your account private, and it means only your followers can see your posts, your profile, and your stories.

Non-followers have access to your profile photo, bio, and your follower’s numbers. All this information is useless. So if you are a private person, then use a personal account.

You can easily change your account type. Go to settings and in the privacy portion allow a private account and that’s it. This is so simple and safe. Now you have a list of people who are your viewers.

You have a lot of options, and choose one that best suits you to find out who is watching your Instagram.

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