Why Can’t I Download Instagram On My iPad?

App incompatibility is perhaps one of the most unpleasant experiences with electronic devices. We have all experienced the sad moment when you hear about an exciting new app and your device is unable to install it. If you are wondering ‘Why can’t I download Instagram on my iPad?, it is because your device is incompatible with the app. There are always some apps that are incompatible with older operating systems so if your iPhone, iPad, or iPod is unable to run an application, it is most likely because they are not designed to support that software. Updating the device can resolve the dilemma but only in certain cases. At times you may even be unable to install apps that you once used on the same device.

If your iPad is a hand-me-down or if you simply own a version since the time it was released, there is a solution. If any particular application is incompatible with your device, there are always compatible alternatives to the same app. These other versions of the same app are often compatible even with the oldest of phones.

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Why Can’t I Download Instagram On My iPad?

If you are in desperate need to gain Instagram followers, increase video views, the number of likes on your videos and get more Instagram views for content that you have created, Instagram is a likely choice. If you are having trouble installing Instagram on your iPad, no need to worry. The following methods can resolve the problem.


1. Re-download Compatible Apps You Once Had On Your Device

Re-download Compatible Apps You Once Had On Your Device

If you had Instagram on an Apple device of yours before, you may still be able to re-download an older version of it on another device if you enter the same Apple ID account when downloading it. To do so, first find the app on your App Store account on the Purchased page. From here you can re-download those apps but if that version is not compatible, the developers also suggest older compatible versions that you can download.

However, if you are unable to find Instagram from the Purchased page, it could be that you hadn’t even downloaded the app from this Apple ID before. To find an older compatible version, first, download the app on a newer Apple device from the same Apple ID and then find the app in the App Store for the account on your old device.

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2. Sign In To A Friend’s Apple Account To Access The App On The Purchased Page

Attached Friend's Apple ID

If you do not have any access to a newer device, you can get the Instagram app on your Purchased page by signing into your friend’s Apple account. Find a person who has the Instagram app you are looking for. Then log into their account on your device to access the app from the Purchased page. Here you can download the older version of the same app.

If you are unable to download Instagram on your iPad, it is because the application is not compatible with your device. The aforementioned solutions will help you out if you are facing a problem. 

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