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Real Active Followers
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Real Active Followers
Guaranteed Delivery
30 Days Auto Refill
No password required
100% Privacy Protection
24×7 Support
Real Active Followers
Guaranteed Delivery
30 Days Auto Refill
No password required
100% Privacy Protection
24×7 Support
Real Active Followers
Guaranteed Delivery
30 Days Auto Refill
No password required
100% Privacy Protection
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Instant Delivery

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Our social media expert team is always there 24/7 to help you with knowledgeable answers, engagement plans, and updates about orders.

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We are the only trusted top-notch Instagram followers seller in the market. If you are an existing or new Instagram user then buying Instagram followers for getting viral and seeking public attention is the right choice.

Today, Instagram has become one of the most popular social media sites used for brand promotions, gaining popularity, and engaging a wide audience.

If you started a new Instagram page, you start from a zero. It can be a hard job taking a start from zero and going to a thousand followers. This journey requires dedication and constant efforts on your part.

A Shortcut To Your Instagram Success Story

If your Instagram isn’t as popular as you wanted it to be, there’s always time to learn more and step up your game. Let us introduce you to some of the ways to gain more followers. You can also follow a shortcut and buy real Instagram followers from us.

As a known fact, the greater your audience on Instagram, the greater your influence. When the audience is vast, there are greater opportunities for engagement and better chances of spreading your word across. Often, if not always, people will go for buying Instagram followers because it helps in spreading their influence.

An Introduction to Instagram & Social Media Marketing

Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social media platform with billions of users. The highest number of users on Instagram has the power to make you famous overnight. In contrast, the largest user count creates a competition where it is a big challenge to grab the audience’s attention. Buy real active Instagram followers to get recognition, engagement, and flow of new followers.

Buy 1 Million Instagram Followers to Grow Your Business and Brand

If you want to promote your business, Instagram is the right platform to get recognized. Almost 80% of businesses have profiles on Instagram, including both well-known and small businesses. To step into big platforms and become a visible part of the market, you need to put extra effort. However, reaching your potential customers without putting effort is now possible. Because you can buy 1 million Instagram followers in a few clicks. These authentic and active profiles help you to grow faster and stand out like never before.

Often well-established brands lack a million followers. In contrast, if you get millions of followers, everyone starts wondering and wants to know more about you. This curiosity makes people fall for you and increase your organic growth. Moreover, our active profiles never let them know that you bought them. Therefore, it doesn’t only increase your customers but also builds a trustworthy bond.

Every business has a specific niche, and only a few people rule there. Purchasing 1 million followers can be a game-changer that can bring customers interested in your niche. For example, if you have a jewellery store and dominate that niche, then it is 100% sure that you will experience a flow of women followers. Moreover, the Instagram game is about the number of followers and to reach more people, boosting your sales and profit. So, when you buy 1 million followers on Instagram, your account starts grabbing users’ attention, and their attention opens the door to business opportunities.

The Influencers with thousands of followers get PR packages and do pay promotions. In comparison, millions of followers make you a super influencer, and brands run behind you to get support. Moreover, on Instagram followers, 1 million is a ticket to becoming a celebrity and to getting instant fame.
In the universe of Instagram, the number of followers is key to success. Then why not get 1 million followers to open the door of success.

Buy Instagram Followers USA

The trend of Buying Instagram followers USA is increasing day by day. The reason behind this is 112 million active users that belong to the USA alone. If you want to be visible on Instagram and want to get noticed by people, you first have to reach a specific number of followers. Without any promotional service, goal achievement is quite challenging and time-consuming. But if you purchase Instagram followers USA, you can reach your target in no time.

If you want to buy followers, the process is extremely easy, i.e., a three-step process, and you will instantly get your ordered service. However, if your order is for thousands of followers, it can take up to three days. We provide larger orders in the form of chunks for your account safety. Moreover, it saves your reputation because parted delivery gives an impact on organic growth. Our services are reliable; therefore, its benefits stay with you for a more extended time.

Our many clients ask the question of who can buy Instagram followers USA? The simple answer is that anyone can buy this service because who wants to become famous to experience special treatment from the world. If you are running a business, want to become an influencer, or become a celebrity overnight, we are here to assist you in making your dream come true.

If you are concerned about the security measures, stay calm because USA Instagram followers from us only positively affect your account. We use active and real profiles to keep you away from any type of penalty. Moreover, our safe transactional methods ensure the security of your personal information. Buy your desired followers from ActiveIG for satisfactory services and to stand out among the crowd.

Buy Instagram Followers UK

Instagram is the leading social media platform in the UK. According to statistics, about 28.81 million users belong from the UK. The main reason behind this growth is acceptance of the fact that social media is the best platform for online business. Moreover, they understand the power of social media and how anyone should utilize it to change their life.

The number of followers on Instagram plays the role of currency. So, If you are new and want to become an influencer or start a new business, we are here to make your journey easy by providing premium Instagram followers in the UK. In addition, these active and real followers assist you in gaining the trust of people. Moreover, it stimulates the herd psychology of users that makes them believe that your account is worth watching.

Instagram in the UK is used as a billboard that helps you to get noticed by people, but the benefits of Instagram followers Uk are far better than the ordinary billboard. A regular billboard targets people of specific locations, but with Instagram, you can reach users around the world. Moreover, Instagram users with a few hundred followers mix in the crowd, while an account with thousands of followers stands out among all. To stay ahead in the race, you should get a deal of Instagram followers UK without paying extra money. Instead, you can buy good quality at an affordable price.

If you are concerned about the drawbacks of buying Instagram followers UK, then stay calm because it is an entirely safe process. To maintain authenticity, we ensure followers from real and active profiles. Moreover, ActiveIG provides followers in small portions and at regular intervals so no one can claim that you bought them. Purchase UK followers for your Instagram to build a strong base and grow your account in minimum time.

Buy Instagram Followers Canada

Instagram is a powerful tool to connect the world, but in Canada, about 1 in 3 persons is active on Instagram according to the ratio. The massive number of users build a platform to reach out to your interested audience or potential customers. Moreover, if you buy Instagram followers Canada it constructs an authentic fan base that sets up a road so you can direct traffic from Instagram to your business website or other social media platforms.

Thousands of Instagram followers in Canada make you believe that the majority are interested in your content. For example, a business campaign or launch of a new product required a kick start to boost a positive image in the customer’s minds. This is an opportunity for growing businesses to attract customers and lead them to their website.

On the other hand, if you are an influencer, buying Instagram followers gain attention from brands to send their PR packages and pay you to promote their products. Moreover, people follow your lifestyle, and you can be a trendsetter.

If you are living in the busy life of Canada and waiting for organic growth. In that case, you should understand that organic growth needs consistency, dedication, and months of effort to reach the desired audience. While ActiveIG is one of the best sites to buy Instagram followers in Canada; therefore, we complete the same task in a minimum time of days to a few weeks. This will save your time and energy that you can utilize for more valuable tasks.

ActiveIG provides followers from real and active accounts to ensure your Instagram account growth. In addition, real profiles stimulate the Instagram algorithm that directs your content to explore pages that bring new organic followers. Purchase Instagram followers Canada to get an instant boost to your content and increase your account engagement.

Why ActiveIG must be your choice for Social Media Marketing?

We assure you that we offer real and original Instagram followers that are sure to improve your influence. If you want to give your Instagram account a boost, get trusted followers from us! Want to get Instagram followers, here is all you need to know.

Why Do You Need Instagram Followers?

While followers are just one of the key factors of a social media strategy, it is very necessary to have as many followers as you can on your account. There are many different reasons why you need followers for your Instagram account.

Some of them include credibility and a greater reach to the audience. If you are still wondering why, you need Instagram followers, here is why they matter.

1. Get Instagram Swipe Ups

Instagram stories are a wonderful way to spread your brand story to your audience. Instagram stories are the only way that links are shared to external websites with swipe ups. But to be able to access the swipe-up feature you must be verified with a minimum of 10,000 followers. Hence to be able to use this feature, you need a lot of fan following. So, this is one reason you need to get more followers for your account.

2. More Followers, The Greater The Reach

Instagram is an organic platform where there are many paid media solutions, but you always have the freedom of engaging and reaching out to a great audience without having to spend any money. With more followers in your account, there is a greater chance of getting more engagement on your content.

3. Your Followers Are Your Social Currency

Whether you accept, or you don’t, more followers lead to greater credibility on Instagram. This is the entire social media game that the influencers play. You can argue too that, can you? With more engaging content, people are more likely to share and engage. More followers mean more credibility and a greater influence.

Why Us?

There are so many services offering Instagram followers, so why should we be your choice? We have much to offer that sets us apart from the rest! Choose us to make your Instagram profile more visible and gain more exposure.

  1. Instant delivery
  2. High-quality followers
  3. 24/7 customer support
  4. Offer real followers
  5. No passwords required
  6. Easy and safe delivery
  7. Customer satisfaction
  8. We offer multiple packages

How Real Active Instagram Followers Are Beneficial?

ActiveIG never compromises quality; therefore, we provide real followers to our customers to ensure their profile growth. Real IG followers are essential for engagement and organic growth. It is a result of maximum interaction among people on Instagram. Moreover, it is more likely to get noticed by the Instagram algorithm that means Instagram recommends your content to other users. As a result, you will get more Instagram followers and likes.

1. Market’s Best SMM Service With Instant Delivery 

No one likes to wait, so we never let you do this for days to receive your favourite order. As soon as you order, we deliver the order. It takes a couple of minutes but we will promise 24 – 72 hours, no matter how big your order.

2. Affordable Like A Piece Of Cake

We believe everyone deserves to get a chance to be famous on social media. Therefore, we have a vast number of packages that ensure that you can pick any offer at a pocket-friendly price. Moreover, we design our packages in a way that you can enjoy maximum benefits in minimum payment.

3. 100% Secure

We consider it our responsibility to keep all confidential information of our customers safe and secure. Therefore, we always ask for the minimum and important information to maintain your privacy. Furthermore, we never share your data with any third party.

4. Always Available For Clients

Customer care is one of the most important factors to keep customers longer with you, and this is what we want. Therefore, we have an active team to give you a quick response. Whenever you want to ask a question or face any problem, team ActiveIG is here with you to answer your question and find a solution to your problem.

We have the following Instagram Followers packages

Buy 100 Instagram Followers For $2.99

Buy 500 Instagram Followers For $7.99

Buy 1000 Instagram Followers For $11.99

Buy 2500 Instagram Followers For $29.99

Buy 3500 Instagram Followers For $34.99

Buy 5000 Instagram Followers For $39.99

Buy 6000 Instagram Followers For $45.99

Buy 8000 Instagram Followers For $71.99

Buy 9000 Instagram Followers For $79.99

Buy 10000 Instagram Followers For $84.99

Buy 12000 Instagram Followers For $86.40

Buy 20000 Instagram Followers For $169.99

How To Get More Instagram Followers For Free? 

There are certain ways that you can use to get more followers for your Instagram account. Here are some ways you can do so.

1. Consistently Upload Content

Consistency is always the key to success in anything and everything. Consistency is rewarding. The more consistent you are with your uploads, the more the chances of them appearing in people’s feed, and hence higher the chance of getting more followers.

2. Using Right Hashtags 

When you use the right hashtags that go with your post, you are more likely to increase the visibility of, these posts, and gain the interest of those people who like things related to them. It’s always better to use popular and trending hashtags that have greater chances of reaching out to people.

3. Make Comments On Other’s Posts 

When you make comments on other’s posts, there are chances that they may resonate with others, and this may result in more follows. When you comment on other’s posts, people may view your profile and then follow you. Hence, comment more often on other’s posts to get more followers.

4. Make Your Posts Interactive

The more interesting and engaging your content is, the greater the chances of people following you. When your posts are engaging and interesting, people are inquisitive about knowing what happens next. So, more engaging content means a greater chance of having more followers.

5. Be Aware Of  What The Viewers Want 

Instagram followers usually like engaging and interesting visual content. Knowing what your viewers like will make your content interesting and engaging for them. When you know what your viewers like, you can post videos, pictures, and stories that are according to their interests.

6. Buy Real Instagram Followers

Another shortcut to getting more followers is to buy them. This is a common method used by people today. Many different websites offer IG followers at the lowest costs. This can be a quick way to gain more followers and make your Instagram profile more credible.

Are You Ready To Buy Real Active Instagram Followers?

If you want to grow fast, then what are you waiting for? Buy Instagram followers from ActiveIG instantly by following a few steps.

How to Purchase Instagram followers from us 

Buying followers for social media marketing is piece of cake with us. With our services, it is an easy job. Here is a simple process to follow.

Step 1: Choose the package

We have different packages to offer for our customers. Select your favourite package that suits your needs.

Step 2: Enter your details 

Once you finalize the package you want to get, proceed further and enter your details. Enter your Instagram username and other details. Your further details will be fetched. We do not need any passwords, so don’t worry about that.

Step 3: Make your payment 

We have a range of payment options for our valuable customers. You can make your payments using a bank card, or other options.

Step 4: Sit back and relax

Once your payment is done, just sit back and relax while you wait for your followers to come in. If you are eager, you can also track the status of your order.

Now you can enjoy the new followers and, due to that, an organic flow of new Instagrammers. Buying Instagram followers is the right strategy to boost your social media presence and increase your engagement.

Why Do I Need Followers?

No matter your account is personal and for business purposes, the number of your followers determines your account’s worth. If a person visits your profile and notices thousands of followers, he must think he should follow you for a second. This is because a good image builds up in his mind, and he wants to see your future posts.

Moreover, more followers are what makes you trustworthy and reliable. A business with huge numbers of followers attracts more customers, and they think less before placing an order. Furthermore, a large interactive audience lets you explore new things by direct contact or Instagram stories. Customer feedback of your business helps you to improve quality and results in more growth.

How can I Increase Followers Organically?

You need a starting boost to accelerate organic growth if you are starting from zero or have only a few hundred followers. The best way is to buy Instagram followers from ActiveIG to give your Instagram account an instant boost.

The reason behind this need is simple, once you get enough followers to attract your visitors to follow you and add a heart to your content. After this, the process of organic growth starts and no one can stop this.

Benefits Of Buying Instagram Followers 

1. Gaining Trust

When you buy real Instagram followers, you aren’t just increasing your engagement and followers, rather you also gain the trust of the people visiting your profile. When people visit your profile and see a great number of likes and follows, they consider your profile worthy of being followed. Hence, with more followers, your account is seen as valuable and genuine.

2. Improves Visibility

By buying more Instagram followers, your visibility on the app increases and it helps you reach out to a greater audience. With your account being more visible by more followers, more people are attracted to your account and view your content. With more followers, your content will reach out more, and there is a greater likelihood of people or brands reaching out to you. With more followers, you can gain more visibility.

3. Get more organic followers

When you buy real active Instagram followers, your account becomes more visible to your audience, and this helps you gain more organic followers. These organic followers stay with your account according to your follower count and content quality. Thus, with more followers, you will be able to reach a wider audience and improve your engagement and communication.

4. Save your energy and time 

Making your place in the social media market is no easy job. It requires tons of effort and energy, yet the development is always slow. Over time, this may get too tiring and hard. Given the chance to purchase followers for your Instagram account, why wouldn’t you? When you purchase Instagram followers for your account, you give your account a boost. There are many different sites that offer followers at exceptionally reasonable rates. So, by buying Instagram followers, you will be saving not just your time, but also the energy otherwise needed to gain a wider audience.

5. High Engagement Rate

When you buy thousands of Instagram followers, it automatically makes your account look appealing to other users. Usually, people love to interact with people with a higher fan following. So a huge fan following makes your account interesting, and there is a higher chance that people follow you and interact with you which results in higher engagement.

6. Organic Growth (Likes, Views & Shares)

This is social proof that people follow in the footsteps of large groups. For example, an account with many followers feels more appealing than an account with few followers no matter how amazing your content is. Therefore, buying Instagram followers from ActiveIG to grow organically and attract a large audience to make new likes and video views.

7. Best Reputation Marketing on Social Media

A fan base of thousands of followers makes you look trustable and authentic. People judge you based on the count of your Instagram followers. Buying Instagram followers lets you achieve this goal within 24 hours.

Final Verdict

After a complete discussion over buying Instagram followers, we can say that this is a very efficient hack that allows Instagram users to gain more popularity and reach out to a wider audience. If you want a quick shortcut to make yourself popular on Instagram, buying Instagram followers can be a quick and easy shortcut.

So, you don’t have to be a celebrity to grow your Instagram account. There are many simple yet effective ways that you can use to grow your Instagram followers and audience. We offer you a lot of affordable packages, with safety guaranteed, and ensured fast delivery services. 


Frequently Asked Questions FAQ’s

We at activeig have 24/7 customer support, here is FAQ’s. If you still need help, please Contact Us.


Which is the best site to Buy Instagram Followers?

ACTIVEIG is #1 choice to buy real active Instagram followers as we are a team of social media experts. From order starting to completion and after-sales support, we aim to become your lifetime social media marketer. With such SMM passion, you cannot find anyone else better than us. And as you know, ACTIVEIG‘s motto “quality is our promise!”

Why Should I buy active Instagram followers?

We have stated multiple reasons to buy followers below in the article. Anyhow, if you still looking answer to this. We must say that you have more chances of getting your account and content viral in a very limited time.


Can these Instagram followers boost business sales?

Multiple brands have bought followers from us and they started getting more conversions. High-quality Instagram followers increase your business image among prospective customers. Through this, your opportunity to increase revenue and sales comes instantly with new followers.

How to pay for buying followers on Instagram?

It’s a piece of cake. Do you have an active credit card or online payment modes like Bitcoin or PayPal? If yes, then paying for Instagram followers is a good-to-go option. 99% of our customers have got one or more payment options, and they find no difficulty in making secure transactions.


How to Buy real Instagram followers for a brand?

The brand needs a bigger boost as compared to individual profiles. Our customer trend shows that business and brands prefer around 5000 or more Instagram followers. They aim to get attention + sales, so, this powerful SMM strategy works a lot!

Do these followers last for long?

We always deliver the highest quality followers, and our clients are always satisfied with their retention rate.


Does my password needed for followers delivery?

NO! not at all. We just need your username as we promise 100% privacy protection and security. Your account is safe.

Is it allowed to buy Instagram followers?

No-one prohibits to buy followers on Instagram. ActiveIG’s 100% real quality followers are one of the legit pathways to success, fame, marketing, and publicity.


Why my account need to be public for followers delivery?

Instagram has limits that if a profile is private, no one from outside of permitted users can access the content. That’s why we need your account must be public.

Do I need to fill any survey?

No Never, Not at all. We know you are here to get your Instagram account viral. We will never waste any of your time and efforts. You just need to select a package and checkout.


What benefits ACTIVEIG can provide?

Followers are likely to stay on your profile permanently. In this way, your social media performance increases to 200%.

  • We aim to maximize response to your Instagram Posts.
  • This one-time purchase will give a boost to your marketing.
  • Word of Mouth will be created over Instagram.
  • Proven marketing formula by major brands.
  • 100% Guaranteed Refund on unsatisfactory performance.


Is getting real and active Instagram followers possible?

For getting the high-quality real active Instagram followers without paying, here are some secrets for you:

  • Keep promoting your hashtag, posts, and profile on other mediums like website, Whatsapp, Facebook, and Email.
  • Always be creative while writing a hashtag. Using more than one hashtag also work a lot.
  • Make sure to put your IG link in every bio present on all social media profiles, email and blogs.


How to gain followers on Instagram?

It’s easy and quick with ActiveIG. Just pick your favourite deal of IG followers, enter a username, and checkout. You will get high-quality Instagram followers instantly to rocket boost your publicity. In return, it may help you in gaining real and organic followers also.

How to get real Instagram followers?

Getting real IG followers is a piece of cake with ActiveIG. We deliver the highest quality and real-looking Instagram followers. No one can question the authenticity of the followers purchased from us. This is the reason we have got a big list of satisfied and recurring buyers on the website.


Best site to buy Instagram followers in 2021

There are a number of sellers in the market. ActiveIG stands on the top rankings because of service quality, quantity, and after-sales service. Our fastest delivery of Instagram followers and instant response to the customer makes us the best site to buy real active Instagram followers.

How can I increase my followers on Instagram?

More followers mean more success. This is why everyone wants to increase their fan following on social media. Instagram is getting tough in competition, and organic reach is a bit challenging. Whereas buying followers on Instagram from us is the best way to increase them instantly.


Is Activeig real?

100% real and authentic. We’ve got a list of clients who are celebrities, influencers, Vloggers, fashion artists, and businesses. All of them have got good results with our genuine service.

How to get free Instagram followers?

Get free Instagram followers quickly from ActiveIG. Just check out our trial package, enter your username, and checkout to receive 50 FREE IG followers on your profile. Once you see the magic, you’ll be automatically convinced to buy more from us.


Is it safe to buy followers on Instagram?

Yes, it’s 100% safe. There is no problem, violation, or issue in buying Instagram followers. Few sellers deliver low-quality fan following, due to which an issue may occur. But ActiveIG is the name of quality and always delivers real quality followers to customers. So, it’s more than 100% safe when you buy from us.

Where Can I buy legit Instagram followers?

Legitimate Instagram followers are available at ActiveIG because we believe in “quality & quantity.” Additionally, we are making recurring customers every day because of delivering legit Instagram followers with complete satisfaction.


What is a safe website to buy followers on Instagram?

Definitely ACTIVEIG.COM as we use a 256 BIT SSL secure purchase system with a 100% safety guarantee. Also, the data is kept confidential with us. We never share your purchase details with anyone else. So, no one can know if you have bought Instagram followers from us.

Which other Instagram services you offer?

ActiveIG is a premium Instagram marketing and promotion service. We have got Instagram likes, Followers, Video Views, Automatic Likes, and Comments for customers. All the services are top-notch in quality with fast delivery and result guaranteed.


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