How to Change Your Username on Spotify?

Spotify is an awesome online streaming app providing the users and the listeners a lot of opportunities to enjoy and compose a vast variety of songs. The users can sing and have their fan cycle on this app without being involved in any kind of hectic music producer’s work. You can take an active start in your music career by adapting this app and gain a lot of followers who support you and like your music.

The users on the same hand can also get access to a large number of music albums. They can play the music of their own choice. You can create your own playlist, share this with your friend’s cycle, get hundreds of plays on your music, and take part in any kind of live stream.

Changing Username in the Spotify App

At times, you must have come across the need to change your username at the Spotify app. And you must have been to your home page and it would be saying that you can’t change your username or any information. Well, don’t panic. You can change. In fact, you can change it very easily. I’m here with the two easiest and convenient methods by which you can change your username in the Spotify app.

You can also change your password on Spotify following these steps.

Changing the Spotify Username from Your Smartphone

You can use your smartphone to change your Spotify username. Just follow the below steps one by one to get it done.

  • Open your Spotify app on your smartphone. And click the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Tap the Gear Icon on the Top Right Corner of Your Spotify Mobile App

  • Your profile name will appear here. You simply need to click on “View profile”.

Click View Profile On Your Spotify Mobile App

  • Then, a new screen will open. Click on the “Edit profile”.

Click Edit Profile on Your Spotify Mobile App

  • Type your new username, and click Save. Save the changes. And your username will be saved in this way.

Change Name Of Your Spotify Profile on Mobile

How to Change Spotify Username From Your Desktop?

On your desktop, if you click on the link of your username you will see there is a relevant option that can cause a change in your username. You can go to the profile section and edit the username there.

  • On your desktop, open the Spotify app

  • Go to the “My Account” option by clicking on the top-right profile button on the home page.

Go to Your Spotify Profile Setting

  • Once, you open your profile, you will see your username along with your profile picture. Click on your username.

Your Username on Spotify

  • A new pop-up small window will open. Here, you can type your new username. And click Save.

Type Your New Username and Click Save

Change Spotify Username Through Facebook

There is another method to change your Spotify username through Facebook. Here’s how to do it.

  • Open the Spotify app on your desktop. On the right, you will see the button with the title “connect to the Facebook”. Click on that button.

Connect Your Spotify With Facebook

  • It will ask for your Facebook account description. You must log in to your Facebook by clicking on the sign-in button.
  • You will be connected to your Facebook instantly and your Facebook profile picture and username will appear as your Spotify username and profile picture.

These are the two simplest strategies for changing your Spotify username.  Whether your Spotify keeps telling you that you are unable to change your username, remember you can still do.