How To Delete Recently Played On Spotify?

Like many other websites, Spotify also tracks the progress of its users. As you know, different platforms save your data about recent activity on your accounts. Similarly, Spotify also shows the recently played songs on your account.

Many applications like Spotify save the data of its users. They include songs, searches, playlists, and albums. This helps Spotify to recommend the songs of particular artists. If you frequently listen to his songs.

You may want to clear all the recent data from your Spotify to keep it away from the people who use your account to listen to songs and tracks. Spotify saves the search in your account to help you track the songs that you have recently played and may be interested in playing them again.

But you can also reorganize the activity by simply removing all the “Recently played.”

It’s interesting to know that this feature is also available for desktop users, and it is removed from the smartphone version of Spotify. The bad thing is that if you remove or delete recently played from Desktop, it may still show in the mobile app of Spotify.

Steps To Delete Recently Played On Spotify

As this function is only workable on Desktop, open the browser on your PC/Mac or Windows. First, log in on the Desktop to apply these steps.

  • Open Spotify on your Desktop or Mac.
  • There will be an option of “Recently Played” on the left side of Spotify.
  • In this tab, you can know the songs, playlists, albums, and other activities that you have performed in the recent time using your account. You can find these and can search again to listen to these songs. You can delete these by clicking on three dots on the right side of the searched item by moving the mouse cursor.

Delete Recently Played On Spotify

  • When you click on these,”…”. It will show different options, including “Remove from Recently Played”. Click on it to get an instant outcome.

Note: You can apply all the steps according to the item that you want to remove. Remove albums, playlists, likes, and favorites by following these simple steps.

Things To Remember About Deleting Recently Played On Spotify

This procedure is only applicable on the desktop computer version of Spotify. Either you are an iPhone user or an Android user, this feature will not work. The feature was present in the application, but this feature is removed due to some unclear reasons.

Although there is a demand from the users to get back that option, Spotify is utterly silent about the possible coming of this previous feature for mobile apps.

The type of information about the search may vary in the computer or the app. It depends on the device you’re using to play songs. But all other data like liked playlists, albums, and additional information will be the same.

But you can clear all the previous data by following the procedure mentioned above to correct your Spotify account usage.

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