How to Log into Hulu with Spotify?

There are bundles of app for music maniacs. The popular platform for music lovers who access from all over the globe is the Spotify app. All types of entertainment related to the music industry are available on Spotify. Spotify is the online app on which users can use to stream music off their desire. The users can also play, like, and share the music with others. The user-friendly app allows the users to create the desired playlist to share and download.

Steps to Log into Hulu with Spotify

Apart from providing music, it has some other interesting features such as Hulu. This app provides a large number of series and a small number of top-rated movies. But the question is how we can enjoy both apps together and How can we log in to Hulu with Spotify? The process of logging in to Hulu with Spotify is similar to every device. The method is general for all the platforms and devices. Access to the Hulu show-time feature is possible only when you have a premium Spotify account. The students can get Hulu and show-time access at the cost of $4.99 per month on the student premium Spotify package. In this package, the student can get the Hulu ad-supported plan with Spotify. Following are the steps which will prove helpful in the log in to Hulu with Spotify.

Connect Hulu with Spotify

  • In Spotify premium account and Hulu make a Sign-up. If you have a Spotify account, sign in with your information. The users having no Spotify premium account have to make their account first by giving all information.
  • Go for the payment option and click it. Enter all the details of the payment that involves all the information of your credit or debit card.
  • When you completely subscribe to Spotify, go to Hulu. Allow Hulu to access your Spotify account. Then make a sign-in to your Hulu account with Spotify. If you don’t have a Hulu account, then create a new one.

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