How To See Who Liked Your Playlist On Spotify?

Spotify is very famous for youth who can listen, download and do specific changes to increase their listening experience. You can add new settings like the cover pictures in the playlist and check the likes, shares, follows you have done on different songs, and much more settings.

You can make a custom playlist of your tracks or add songs of other artists to your playlist to listen to later. Maybe you are wondering how you can check who has liked or followed your playlist.

Spotify allows you to see the likes/follows when you open the playlist, but you can’t see their complete profile. These may check followers count to track your progress as an artist.

How Can I See Who Liked Playlist On Spotify?

How can i see who like my spotify playlist

The number of followers and likes can be seen using smartphones, desktops, and applications on android or iPhone.  These are called likes on smartphones and followers on desktops.

Officially Spotify doesn’t have any feature which gives you the list of people who has liked your playlist. But you can always check the number of likes by just opening the playlist. Counting the likes on Spotify is easy, and it’s a steps process.

Do you want to know how many likes do you have on Spotify? Follow these steps to get the figures.

  • Click on the Spotify app using a smartphone or open it in your browser.
  • Now, you have two ways to open the playlists. You can either search for the playlist or click on the list you want to know about it.
  • When you open the playlists, it will show you how many people have followed and liked you.
  • These likes have different criteria on apps and desktops. 

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Does Spotify Have Any Feature To See Who Likes My Playlist?

In the starting days, Spotify had the feature for creators to see who liked their playlists. But later on, they had removed that exciting feature, and it could not come back till now. But you can get information about the followers like name and number of total likes on your Spotify account.

In Spotify forums, there is a massive demand for this feature. But the officials have cleared that they don’t have such a plan at the moment. So, there is no chance of getting that feature in upcoming updates.

Spotify is becoming the best music site from where you can earn and list your own track as well. You need Spotify followers to rank your track up in the Spotify list.

But the question is that is there any way to see who liked your playlist on Spotify?

There is no such way to do this, but you can see who follows your official Spotify account. Most of the people follow and like their favorite accounts and like their playlists. Moreover, they also like the songs and add them to their playlists. But all the users don’t do this, so there is less chance of getting all information about the users.

You can know the number of likes on your playlist but can’t get other information like name and further details. Maybe Spotify relaunches this feature, but there is no official announcement.