How to Add Music to Instagram Post?

People use Instagram for fun and entertainment. It allows people to post stuff that attracts the audience, thus increasing the number of followers. Nowadays, people add videos with music on their Instagram profiles, which is a new thing and helps users get more views on their posts and videos. Saving Instagram stories with a tune […]

How to change background color on Insta Story

The most commonly used characteristic on social media platforms for stories is the changing of background color. Most of the features of Instagram have the first step as changing the background that can be a general change of colors in the story. But there are many filters that you may choose and make changes to […]

How to unmute someone on Instagram?

Muting someone on Instagram means you can avoid unwanted content not bothering you anymore. It’s simple to mute someone for using accusing videos or other violent content. You wouldn’t receive any post or story from that person you have muted for any of the above reasons. It’s a very beneficial step by Instagram to avoid […]