How to reset Instagram password with a new email?

If you have got a little bit of the feeling that someone is hacking your Instagram account, it would be the immediate approach to reset the password of your Instagram account as soon as possible. The person can severely hurt your media, images, videos, and post you have shared to your Instagram account. It can […]

How to unblock people on Instagram

Instagram is a social platform where millions of people are actively engaged in doing different tasks. Many are involved in like someone’s post such as videos etc., share it, and write comments on the post. Each person who is involved in the creation of the post wants to gain more Instagram video views, gain more fans […]

How to add url to instagram story

You have experienced many times a swipe up in the Instagram story. Have you ever swiped up? Where did it lead you to? It would probably be some YouTube channel or any website. The business doing sales using social media connections is actually using the concept to lead their Instagram audience to their pages or […]