How To Do Voice Effects on TikTok?

In this fast world, daily we encounter new things and trends. TikTok is a modern app and each day introduces new features to let its users be more creative. With video effects creators let the world be surprised because of unbelievably fascinating transitions. Now they introduce a voice effect feature that changes your voice like previously filters change your face. Normal filters are now boring and it’s time to do some experiments with your voice. 

Voice effects are useful for comedy skits. You can use it for skits where a single person plays all roles like a baby girl, a grown man, and an old lady. There are so many options. If you want to try this. The process is extremely easy and takes 2 minutes to learn. I am sharing the process step by step so you don’t get confused. 

Voice Effects on Original Sound

How to Add voice effects on TikTok?

  • Record a video directly or use an already recorded video
  • On the right top corner, you get a face with a voice indication
  • Touch that icon and here you see so many options like a robot, chipmunk, old lady, etc.
  • Download each voice filter and try all if you are undecided
  • Just select one and on the next page add the required description and hashtags and upload

Voice Effects on Voiceover

  • There is another option where you can apply this feature to your freshly recorded voice
  • Choose voiceover and record your voice
  • After recording you can select the voice effect you want. 
  • The next step is posting with appropriate hashtags and description

Every day TikTok comes up with new features and tends to keep its users interested. Similarly, users keep trying every new feature and trend to build a strong connection with their followers. TikTokers use each filter in their own way to look more unique and creative than others.

Available Voice Effects

Voice Effects on TikTok

There are so many options for voice effects. Variety is a little less than other face filters but still, this is enough for each user to be creative with it. They have options including:

  • Chipmunk has a cute and innocent voice
  • Baritone to sound like a grown man 
  • Shake to look terrified
  • The robot is an interesting addition and used for skits

There are many more voices like electronic, mike, and lady. Voice effects are getting popular day by day. Daily thousands of people are using it to entertain the world.

Use It To Get Viral

In this time, people who follow trends and create trends have more chances to get viral. It is not an impossible task now. Therefore, all influencers quickly make a video on a new trend update to keep followers engaged. Voice effect is now in trend, so if you want to get viral and gain more followers TikTok. Go grab your phone and show your inner talent by making people laugh.
You can record a lot of mind-blowing videos with a single voice effect. It’s your time to let people know the magic of your personality and show the true colors of your being.