How To Know If Someone Has Blocked You On TikTok

Tiktok is an application that seen an explosive growth in terms of recognition and reach in the past few years. It is the app that has been downloaded more than 2 billion times till last year. TikTok has been the avenue for content creation by major celebrities and influential people with a larger number of followers for a long time now. It is also an important outlet for marketers as the reach of the app keeps on increasing with time. TikTok is in the top 10 most used social media applications landing on the 7th position.

As more and more people come into contact with the social media app, frequent questions come into appearance with respect to likes and fans particularly on how to increase the number of these categories when using social media apps. One of the things that bugs a person with a TikTok account on occasion is to know if someone has blocked their account. Here are three ways of the process on how to know if someone blocked you on TikTok.

Different Method To See If Someone Has Blocked You On TikTok


  • The first way to know if someone has placed you in their block list on TikTok is by checking the list of followers you have. Open the application and login to your TikTok account. Tap on your profile and click on the “Following” tab. There is a search bar on top where you can type in the username of the profile you want to search for and hit search. If the results show no account with that particular username, the likelihood is that you have been blocked.
  • Another way to determine whether your account has been blocked by someone is to search for tags and mentions of your accounts in the user’s post. If this search shows no results, the probability is your account has been blocked.
  • The third way is to use the Discover feature on TikTok. Go to the discover tab and type in the username you want to search for. Click on the search option and see the results. If this endeavor shows no results as well then there is a high chance your account has been blocked by that particular person.

All these options can give you an idea of whether or not a particular person has blocked your access to their account. You are unable to view or find their profile and check out their posts. You will have to make a conscious effort to check if a specific account has you blocked.


It can be difficult to keep a balance between the life one has on social media and things happening in real life moments. Trying to keep track of who has blocked you on social media can have a negative implication on one’s self-esteem as well which is why it is important to know when to draw the line. As content creators on social media it is vital to understand the significance of the numbers on these applications such as video views, likes, fans and followers.