How to Connect YouTube to Bluetooth Speaker?

Music is an art. Pleasant and happy music puts a positive impact on our nerves, that’s why most people lend an ear to the music to calm themselves. Some people like to hear sad songs when their mood is off. Many social media apps are offering high-quality music, but no one can beat YouTube’s performance. It is the largest platform where the users can hear videos that are about 5-6 minutes long without any interruption. You can listen and view the song videos on it. It allows the users to enjoy high-quality songs.

You can like the songs of your favorite artists, create your playlist, share your favorite songs with your loved ones, and subscribe to the channels to enjoy constant streaming of your favorite programs. It is amazing to know that you can play your YouTube videos on Google home to hear audio songs in full volume. This blog will help you to know how to connect youtube to a Bluetooth speaker.

Speakers provide high bass and allow the user to enjoy audio songs at high volume. You can easily connect the speakers to your mobile and enjoy songs as well.

Steps to Connect YouTube to a Bluetooth Speaker

When you connect the android mobile or Google home to the external speakers, you can enjoy the music played on YouTube via the external speakers. You can connect the device to the home device in such a way.

  • Turn off the Bluetooth of the home device and speakers.
  • For the connectivity, the Bluetooth of the Android mobile and speakers should be in pairing mode. For this
  • Open the google home app and click on the icon of google home speaker
  • In the setting of google home, you can see the option of paired Bluetooth devices
  • Here enable the pairing mode
  • Now from the phone setting, open the Bluetooth option

How to Connect YouTube to BlueTooth Speaker

  • Click on the available device and choose the google home device
  • Now pair both of them with each other
  • After this, you can watch the videos on the mobile and hear the audio music on the speakers.

How to Connect YouTube to a Bluetooth Speaker from the PC?

If you are using YouTube from the PC or computer and want to connect it with speakers then follow the following steps.

  • From the computer or PC, open the Bluetooth & other devices option.
  • Click on the Bluetooth from the dialog box
  • Now open the google home app from the smartphone
  • The settings of the google home app enable the Bluetooth pairing mode
  • After activating this, the google home app option will appear in the add a device list of the PC or computer
  • Click on it and connect both the devices with each other
  • After popping up the message of connection completion on the screen, now you can hear the audio song through speakers in your desired volume. You can also disconnect the Bluetooth connection if you never want to hear the song from speakers.

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