How to Delete a Playlist on YouTube?

How to delete a playlist on YouTube? Is frequently asked by YouTube users who want to change their playlist or delete them due for any reason. There are a lot of social media apps that provide a large number of entertaining data in the form of videos, photos, and memes. Among all of them, YouTube is the best and most popular social media app for video sharing. It contains billions of users or viewers including artists and many others. It is a great source of earnings for artists; they can upload their songs for their fans and earn money by gaining YouTube views.

Similarly, it facilitates the users with many other options. It has gained popularity due to vlogger videos, TV shows and programs, music videos, and movie clips since 2005. You can listen and view all types of videos, including funny and informative ones on YouTube, upload your content and download the data by using YouTube downloader. You can also save your favorite music to the watch later and playlist also.

In your YouTube playlist, you can save your favorite music videos and then share this collection with your friends. The unique feature of this massive global platform allows the users to save the blooper reels, and clips of their favorite artist’s music. It is totally up to you whether you want to make it public or private. If your playlist is public then everyone can watch your saved videos and your wonderful collection. If the playlist is private, then only friends or those people can watch to whom you will allow. It is very easy to create a playlist on YouTube and delete it. Let’s have a look at the process that will help you in deleting the playlist from your YouTube account.

How to Delete a Playlist on YouTube on your Computer?

  • For this, log in to your YouTube account.
  • Open the main menu through the 3- dots present on the upper left corner of the screen.
  • From the menu, click on the option of the library.

How to Delete a Playlist on YouTube on your Computer? Step1

  • There you will see the option to view the full playlist click on it
  • On this page, 3- dots are present by clicking on them; you will see the option of deleting the playlist.

How to Delete a Playlist on YouTube on your Computer? Step2

  • Click on it and a confirmation message will pop up. Click on it if you want to delete and it will delete your playlist.
  • After that, you can’t get it back.

How to Delete a Playlist on YouTube on Mobile?

  • Open YouTube by logging in to it.
  • On the right corner, click on the library option on the bottom right corner of the screen.

How to Delete a Playlist on YouTube on Mobile?

  • Open playlist and choose data to delete or select all for deleting.
  • Click on the trash bin that is the icon for deleting the data.

How to Delete a Playlist on YouTube on Mobile?

  • A message will appear on the screen asking whether you want to delete or not. As after deleting it, you can’t recover the same data.
  • Press the OK option for deletion of the playlist from your YouTube app if you want to.