How To Fix The YouTube Daily Limit Exceeded?

YouTube is one of the most commonly used social media in this era of technology. YouTube is offering a large number of entertaining, informative, live, beauty-related, and creative videos to viewers. A large number of the people doing pranks upload their videos on YouTube that makes this platform more interesting. Not only YouTube is offering entertainment but it is also providing the opportunity to earn money by uploading your own content. You can get a large number of views, likes, subscribers, and shares on your videos by uploading them on YouTube. YouTube video views not only help you earn money but also make your experiences reach the audience.


Problem of YouTube Daily LImit Exceed?

 The problem here is that you might have a large number of videos to upload on YouTube but YouTube usually fixes a daily limit to the number of videos that can be uploaded on YouTube every day. It might be possible that you try to upload a video on YouTube and a message is displayed to you that says “Daily upload limit reached. You can upload more videos in 24 hours.” This happens after a certain limit is reached. This is not always convenient to wait for 24 hours especially if you have a large number of videos to be uploaded on YouTube.

How To Resolve This Problem?

Solution of YouTube Daily LImit Exceed?

To resolve the issue of daily limits exceeded on YouTube there are many possible ways. Here we shall be discussing the method of solving the issue by using Kodi which is an open-source media available on Android also. The most calming thing is that the Kodi is free to use. Here is a step by step method of using Kodi to resolve the issue of daily limit exceeded: 

  1. Go to Kodi on your device. 
  2. On reaching the Kodi, you will see a number of options. Among these options select the “YouTube” icon.
  3. After this go to the “search” menu. To go on the search menu, right-click on the YouTube icon.
  4. Go to the “advanced” option in the search menu. The advanced option is present in third place in the loss.
  5. After this, go to the “Cache size (MB)” that appears when you choose the advanced option in the settings menu. The cache size is set to 5 MB by default. Set this cache size up to 20 MB by simply moving the cursor.
  6. After setting the cache size, move to the next option in the settings menu that is “API”. API is present just below the advanced option in settings.
  7. On clicking the API, two options will be displayed out of which the second one is “Use preset API key set” whose value is set to 1 by default. Set its value to 5 by using the cursor. Simply press on the ^ by using the cursor four times to set the value to 5.
  8. Click “OK” so that all the changes will be saved.

Youtube is a trending social media platform where all the users come to know the solutions to their questions and come to have fun. There are a lot of people that earn money from Youtube. You can buy Youtube likes that will increase the ranking of your profile.

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All the changes you made are saved. Now you can simply upload more videos daily and you do not have to wait for 24 hours anymore to upload those videos.