How To Get A New YouTube Layout?

Social media is always evolving. Platforms are continuously introducing new features, improving usability and user experience, and customizing the look of their applications and websites. Change can take the form of a new algorithm or an adjustment to organic reach. Other times, it entails completely redesigning the platform. YouTube is the most recent social media site to undergo a significant overhaul. YouTube’s new design will be available in June 2020. While there have been varied reviews, it is apparent that the new layout offers certain benefits for creators and companies who use the site for promotion.

What Is The New YouTube Layout?

New YouTube LayoutWhile certain modifications have been made, the new YouTube interface is aesthetically comparable and recognizable to long-term viewers. It allows you to choose the number of videos displayed, thumbnail sizes, and channel metrics. Furthermore, the platform has a brand-new Dark Mode for customers who prefer a dark backdrop to a white background. 

Larger Thumbnails and Fewer Videos

Larger Thumbnails and Fewer Videos

The scale of the video icons featured on the main page is one of the most apparent variations between the ancient and contemporary YouTube layouts. Thumbnails are now bigger, and channel icons have also grown in size. The use of fewer, larger-sized thumbnails helps to reduce clutter on the site. This reduces user overload by displaying just the videos that are most relevant to your subscriptions and latest views. The analytics area on YouTube has a new design thanks to the new YouTube layout. YouTube statistics are now more structured, similar to other digital marketing dashboards. That means you’ll be able to discover the specific information you’re seeking considerably faster than previously.

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Steps To Change The Layout

Youtube Dark Mode

Here are the steps to change the YouTube layout

  • You must enable Dark Mode individually on your desktop and mobile accounts. Here’s how to enable YouTube’s Dark Mode on a desktop computer:
  • In the top right corner of the window, click the three dots. Select your user icon if you’re signed in. Look for the “Dark theme” menu option. 
  • To enlarge the menu item, click the arrow next to “Dark theme.”
  • By pressing the switch, you may toggle Dark Mode on and off.
  • That’s all! Dark Mode must now be enabled on the YouTube home screen.

It is now much simpler to stand out when your films are highlighted on the YouTube site. If you are one of 10 videos rather than one of twenty, you are more likely to get recognized and to receive more video views. How to Prepare for This

To optimize your videos for the homepage, attempt to maximize your chances of getting featured by driving as many viewers to your YouTube page as possible. Users are more likely to view your material again if they find it again. Create intriguing, clickbait-worthy clip titles and use market segments to show up for the correct audience. Use keyword optimization whenever possible. That implies they must be of good quality and attractive. You are more likely to obtain clicks if you can develop strong previews for your videos.