How To Post YouTube Videos On Forums?

In the era of social networking and entertainment, YouTube has emerged as one of the most used social media apps. It’s a two in one app, a source of entertainment and income as well. People with their own YouTube channels are termed as content creators, who by uploading videos, gain YouTube Likes and more YouTube views and help themselves to earn a lot. Many young people have opted for YouTube as their primary career choice. 

In the midst of this all, one needs to understand how YouTube works. The customization, shortcuts, editing and sharing options, and all other features it provides to its users. One of the frequently asked questions related to sharing YouTube videos is, “How to post YouTube videos on Forums?”

One can need these YouTube videos for any article, blog or even any teacher could need one for explaining a topic to students. There’s a simple trick to make this possible. All one needs is to embed the YouTube video. Now, there is one suitable and easy option explained below that you can easily follow:

Share Directly From YouTube

YouTube also provides an option to embed its URL code, once you copy and paste the embedded URL code on your post, it displays the video and you can upload your post. A few simple steps need to be followed for using the embedded YouTube link. 

If you have already created the forum then click on the link which will lead you directly to it

  • Go to the administrative block of the forum and click on edit settingsClick on Administration Setting
  • The menu of the text box needs to be expandedExpand Menu Box
  • Next, click on the link of HTMLClick on HTML Tool
  • Click to get a new tab and open your intended YouTube video on itYoutube Link
  • You may see a sharing option. press it and then click embedClick on Embed
  • Click on show moreClick on Show More
  • Two options will be visible that is Show player controls and Enable privacy-enhanced modeSelect Options
  • You have to select and then copy the embed codeCopy Embed Code
  • Go back to the forum page for editingReturn To forum Page
  • The video has to be displayed on a specific location on the page which needs to be selected by you
  • Paste the link at that location by clicking right on the mousePaste as plain Text
  • You can see that embed code has been displayedEmbed Code Display Now
  • Click on the button of HTML againClick on HTML Button
  • In the text box, you’ll be able to see the displayed videoYour Video will Display in Text Box
  • Click on the option of save and display so you can see the video on the forum pageSave and Display

These embedded YouTube videos can be very useful in your presentation slides or improving the authenticity of your article. A link to a YouTube video attracts readers as well. They are provided with a more designed view and a source that can help them understand the topic even more. YouTube content creators can use this embedded video option to promote their work. Any blogger or article writer can promote their videos in their blogs and articles and present a readily available video as well. YouTube’s algorithm also promotes the most shared video. When rightly used, this opportunity can help them increase YouTube subscribers as well.

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