How To Watch YouTube On PSP?

PSP is becoming the demand of this era. Not only the children but also the adults are loving to use this device in their spare time to entertain themselves. It is quite interesting that PSP is not just limited to watching video games as many people think but it is also offering a number of other features. It allows you to watch movies, explore photos, surf the web, and many more.

The PSP is also providing the feature of using YouTube. A large number of informative, entertaining, live, musical, and calming videos can be seen using the PSP. YouTube can be used on PSP by following some ways. It is an easy method to access the YouTube videos on PSP and enjoying the videos. Here is a step by step suggestion that helps to view videos in PSP:

Steps to Consider:

Here is a step by step methods that you must follow in order to watch YouTube on PSP:

  • On your PSP move to the internet browser in the menu bar.
  • Once you have reached the internet browser, type the website URL in the searched bar.Internet browser PSP
  • Wait until the page is displayed to you. Once the web page is displayed search for the link that is hyper texted as “Click here to access the search page.”

Watch YouTube on PSP

  • Click the link and the search page will be accessed.

Access Search Page to watch YouTube on PSP

  • Now a search page with a search bar is displayed. You should go to the Advance option that is available on the page.
  • There is a bar in front of the advance option in which you can simply enter any data. Type the name of the YouTube video that you want to watch on the bar or search bar.
  • A number of the videos related to your search will be displayed to you on the screen of PSP. You can choose the video you want to watch. You can better select a video by viewing its thumbnail.

Watch YouTube on PSP

  • After you have chosen the video, select that video. Your PSP will then move to another page that is generally an important page in all the data processing. This page is labeled as “Terms of services” which you should be agreed to. You must agree to further proceedings and if you don’t agree, you will not be provided with any services. Read that terms and if that is acceptable, agree with the terms of services.
  • After you have agreed to the terms of services, a page will be displayed to you with some options. Choose the correct option that suits your requirement. Better is to choose the second option that is Download free movie.

Watch YouTube on PSP

  • After this, a series of files will be displayed, choose the file according to your own choice.
  • Click on any link to start downloading the video.

Watch YouTube Video on PSP

  • As the downloading is done, the video will be saved to your PSP.
  • Now you have got the video downloaded on your PSP, you can simply choose the video and okay it to enjoy the PSP video on your PSP.

YouTube is becoming a hot trending platform with millions of views, subscribers, shares, and likes on the videos. Being a YouTuber you can also upload videos and gain a huge number of views and maximum YouTube subscribers that would help you to monetize on YouTube.

Now, you can watch videos on the PSP easily and quickly. YouTube is offering entertainment on a large number of devices including PSP.

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