How To Write In Bold On YouTube?

YouTube is the world’s most popular video streaming site. It has a massive user base, with over 2 billion users signed in. It includes a wide range of films, from instructional and informational to entertaining and sporting. It is a platform for everyone, regardless of their preferred video genre.

YouTube features content creators who upload videos to the platform. They utilize YouTube for productivity because the more views they receive, the more popular their channel becomes, and they begin to make money from it. It also allows them to establish various sponsorship arrangements, which makes it a lucrative source of money.

Audience As A Direct Influence On Your Channel 

YouTube is also a wonderful place for individuals to voice their opinions on videos. They may give the video a like or a hate-based on whether they enjoy it or not. You may also leave comments on the video, giving your thoughts. These can aid in the improvement of the creator’s videos as well as provide input from the viewers.

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On YouTube, you may also leave amusing comments in a variety of ways. When you want to add influence to anything, you use bold language, which is why so many people on YouTube ask how to write in bold. To answer this, you’ll need to follow the simple steps given below:

Writing In Bold On YouTube.

Writing In Bold On YouTube.

Follow the steps outlined below:

  • Go to the video on which you want to make a comment 
  • Enter a sentence or a word that you want to be bold in the comment area of the video 
  • If it’s a word or a sentence, add a * symbol before and after the word or sentence •
  • The text will get bold

You may write whatever you want in the comment area of any YouTube video this way, and you can make it bold if you want to emphasize it.

Strikethrough or italics can also be used in a similar manner. Although the technique or signals required to make them italic or any other are different from those used to make them bold, the principle is essentially the same.

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Reasons That Make YouTube Famous

The platform of YouTube is very rich not only in its content but also features. The audience has access to tons of subscriptions and features that make YouTube even more popular. But the main reason YouTube has such a huge audience is because of the interaction as discussed above. You have a very scarce chance of meeting or talking to your favorite celebrity. But a YouTuber is more accessible and has a better relationship with the audience therefore people feel more easily and relatable.

Moreover, it is easy to become a creator on YouTube and showcase your talent as it has no fees and you’re the owner of your own channel. You just have to make sure that your content is interesting and original.