Top 10 Most Viewed YouTube Videos in 2021

Do you feel left out from the rest of the billion people who have already watched the most-watched videos on Youtube? We have got you covered.

Youtube has changed the way we see videos because it is available for free for billions of people across the world. And because everyone has been watching too many videos all the time, it’s a tight competition to make it to the list of top 10 most viewed video on Youtube.

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Still have a question in your mind that what is the most viewed on YouTube, then take a look at the list of the most viewed Youtube video and why.

1. Despacito ft. Daddy Yankee – Luis Fonsi

For a site run by an American organisation and overwhelmed by English-talking content, it’s maybe amazement to see that the most famous YouTube video ever (and one that does not indicate being obscured at any point shortly), is sung for the most part in Spanish.

Highlighting Puerto Rico craftsmen Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, Despacito hit YouTube in January 2017 and piled on over a billion perspectives in only 97 days — the second-quickest run ever.

It would proceed to turn into the quickest to earn 2 billion perspectives and the first-historically speaking video to surpass 4 billion, 5 billion, and now 6 billion audiences at large.

Apart from gaining huge popularity in Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries, Despacito has gained a popular choice among people from around the world. From clubs, house-party, to other musical events, it has become the popular choice among the millennials.

The whole world is now dancing and singing on the tunes and Spanish words, which in itself is amazing and engaging.

2. The shape of you – Ed Sheeran

This song is by far one of the most viewed on Youtube as it comprises a story and music going on hand in hand throughout the music video.

You could take an extra 840 million people to Ed Sheeran’s most well known YouTube hit, as the verse video blasted close by is a gigantic mainstream video in its own right.

Despite whether you do, or not, however, there’s no precluding that Shape from securing You is one of the most-watched recordings ever. It holds records as the third-quickest video to arrive at a billion views and is the second-quickest to arrive at 2 billion and 3 billion views too.

3. Baby Shark Dance – Pinkfong

One of the most-watched videos on Youtube, Baby Shark Dance wants you to tickle the child in you. Now and then a tune becomes acclaimed exclusively because it’s an ear-worm.

We’ve witnessed it with Barney in the good ‘old days, so it’s nothing strange, that it would occur with a child’s tune about a shark family. Child Shark Dance, delivered by Korean pop producer Pinkfong, is anything but a convoluted tune. It has sharks, repetition, and a lot of existential fear — that is about it.

In any case, this melody has shot up to turn into the most up to date part on the rundown and motivate countless varieties found across YouTube. Let’s face it.

On the off chance that raising Baby Shark and playing it multiple times uninterrupted is the best way to quiet your little child down, each parent with access to the web will do precisely that. Expect Baby Shark’s fleeting incline to proceed.

It succeeded in the aggregate of its view including honours in only two years, having appeared in January 2017. It seems to be ready to just push itself further as the second most memorable video ever.

4. See you again – Wiz Khalifa

This song has won all the hearts of people watching the Fast-Furious movie at theatres as it was used to give a tribute to the ally of VinDiesel in the movie. Thus, it has managed to rule the hearts by making an emotional connection with its audience.

The most all-embracing video on this rundown to have a film attached in to help its advancement, Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth’s See You Again has been seen over 4 billion times since its April 2015 opening.

Sent to help the advancement of the film, Furious 7 (of The Fast and the Furious establishment), it likewise filled in as a type of tribute to the expired star of the arrangement, Paul Walker, whom the film itself additionally went about as a tribute to.

The music video for the tune was briefly the most seen video on YouTube between July 10, 2017, and August 4, that similar year, ousting Gangnam Style. It was dominated thus, by Despacito.

It was additionally the most loved video on the enthusiastic site between August 26, 2016, and July 25, 2017. It was the following video to ever pass the 2 billion view mark and is one of just five recordings to be seen over 4 billion times.

5. Recipe for Disaster – Masha and the Bear

This is by far one of the most viewed videos on Youtube by Masha and the Bear. The main video on this rundown that isn’t a music video and just one of three that isn’t altogether in English, Masha and the Bear is a specific scene of a Russian kids’ animation by a similar name.

The show is immensely famous outside of its nation of origin, however, and a large number of its scenes have accumulated gigantic views depending on YouTube. It’s additionally communicated on Netflix and NBCUniversal in an aggregate uproar group.

The Recipe for Disaster scene, however, is exceptionally compelling for its galactic view tag. It is in a devoted club of only nine recordings that have wrapped 3 billion views and one of the five that has topped 4 billion. It’s the most famous non-music video ever on the site, maybe anyplace.

Get Movies, the station that transferred this specific scene has found real success from simply this one kids’ show scene.

6. Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars – Mark Ronson

This music video wants you to break the barriers of shyness and groove to its contagious and outrageous music along the way.

Arguably just as impressive as its overall view count is that it beat such tough competition from its contemporaries who are also among the most viewed Youtube videos.

Though there have been many popular music videos from other renowned artists, like Katy Perry, and others, who have witnessed their most popular 2014 hits achieve billions of views on the most loved video platform – Youtube, Uptown Funk still manages to cast a shadow upon them and rise up to be amongst the top 10 most viewed videos on Youtube. This in itself is a testimony of a great composed music video.

Though “Uptown Funk” is more established than the entirety of the past music recordings, it is as yet appreciated by fans and it keeps on increasing more perspectives. The melody performed by Mark Ronson highlighted Bruno Mars and made it to the main ten most saw YouTube recordings.

“Uptown Funk” made its debut on the most loved video platform – YouTube in the year 2014 and immediately caught the eye of music darlings. Other than its standard fans, the melody draws new watchers and keeps up its top position giving an intense challenge to other YouTube music recordings.

Bruno Mars rose to his ranks and was at that point a commonly recognized name by at that point of time. However, Mark Ranson made an arguably great amount of fortune with this tune. Their melodious and charming song, “Uptown Funk,” easily managed to hold its main position on the U.S. Announcement 100 diagram for fourteen successive weeks in a row making it rule the hearts of people continuously.

With snappy expressions, great music to back it up and an extraordinary mix of instruments, and a peppy tune, “Uptown Funk” got over 3.50 billion perspectives on YouTube. The tune likewise won two Grammys in 2016 for Record of the Year and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance classes.

7. Gangnam Style – Psy

This song wants you to unleash the beast inside you and take it to the streets of your city.
A genuine symbol in the beast of YouTube video history, Psy’s Gangnam Style was the first YouTube video to be seen over a billion times. Significantly additionally astounding at that point, was that it did it in under a half year after its discharge (from July to December 2012).

It would proceed to turn into the primary video to arrive at 2 billion people watching the most scintillating video in the year of May 2014, and it wasn’t until the year of 2015 that it would even have a close competitor.

Though today with over 100 recordings on YouTube have been observed over a billion times each, Gangnam Style despite everything stays one of the most-watched recordings ever, beating a lot more youthful challenge to hold its best 10 spots right around seven years after its release date.

8. Sorry – Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber always manages to maintain his place on the charts and in the hearts of people.
Even though Justin Bieber would be the second melodic singer to ever accomplish a 1 billion-see video on YouTube, Sorry wasn’t it (that was Baby). Even though it has ended up being his most well known YouTube video by a wide margin, with more than 3 billion prospects to date, Sorry was just the 22nd video to arrive at the billion-see badge.

Be that as it may, the music video immediately substantiated itself, getting one of the quickest to arrive at the 2 billion imprints and effectively cruising on to 3 billion absent a lot of difficulties.

9. Sugar – Maroon 5

This song keeps on drooling you every time you put an ear to it and never disappoint in any situation and mood you are in. You wouldn’t expect a music video approximately dependent on the plot of a mid-2000s parody like Wedding Crashers, to be a super hit, however that is actually what occurred with Maroon 5’s Sugar.

Maybe this is because both the movie and music video had a similar executive, or because Maroon 5 itself has been an easily recognized name in popular music for around 17 years. Whatever the explanation, Sugar slips into the No. 9 spot with a little more than 3 billion perspectives at the hour of composing.

It debuted on Maroon 5’s Vevo channel on YouTube on January 14, 2015, and would be the greatest hit from that year if it weren’t likewise joined by Sorry and See You Again.

10. Roar – Katy Perry

This has been one of the most liked videos on Youtube as it’s inspirational and melodious at the same time. Katy Perry keeps on holding the position of top 10 most viewed youtube videos list as “Roar” keeps up its reputation.

The song made its debut on Youtube on September 5, 2013. The “Roar: was viewed on various occasions by millions of people on YouTube, marking one of only a few of hardly any main 10 recordings right now utilize the stage for pre-discharge advancement.

As the most established music video on our rundown other than Gangnam Style, Roar seems to have a genuine catch and should keep on being one of the world’s most saw YouTube recordings for quite a while to come.

Final Words:

These music videos are amongst the most-watched YouTube videos and arguably some of the most engaging and entertaining videos on Youtube.

These videos made their mark on Youtube despite tough competitions as there are more than 2 million artists who showcase their art, talent and performance to engage a large number of audience. Though all of them didn’t make to the list of most viewed videos on Youtube, they are among the popular choices of millions of people.

From the likes of Beyonce, Rihanna, Eminem and other popular artists, Youtube also has a large number of audience who watch gaming tutorials, instrumental videos and so on. Youtube is not only limited to music videos and engages millions of people who are keen on exploring other genres of videos.