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Instagram Followers Guide by ACTIVEIG

Last Updated: September 1st, 2020

Instagram is a craze, sensation, and trend that brings billion of followers together on one platform. At this moment, thousands of users are about to post their photo with catchy captions and trending hashtags.

Every industry is trying their luck to get the desired engagement from the Instagram audience. But all of it depends on how many Instagram followers are following your profile right now.

What is Instagram and its History?

In 2010, two friends Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, made an application for photo sharing and posting. Previously they both were associated with application design and marketing. Systrom’s old app Burbn was designed earlier, where people were enabled to share their locations with their friends.

Mike made Systrom realized that there are other applications in the market serving the same purpose. On that day, Kevin realized that something different needs to be done. With Mike’s expertise in coding and development, Kevin decided to launch “Instagram” that day.

Idea Behind Instagram

From the day Instagram launched, to this day, the purpose is the same. People still take photos, edit them, and share them with a caption. However, new features and associated applications like IGTV are introduced. Still, the idea of photo sharing and communication works like a wonder, and every day thousands of users sign up on Instagram.

Instagram As A Brand and Tool for Marketing

In 2012, per day, downloads of Instagram exceeded 1000,000 in number. That day the Instagram proved its worth and came out to be a giant social media application. It was available for both iOS and Android. The best thing about Instagram was that it had no revenue-making integration.

Even then, Facebook decided to get Instagram by paying $1 billion in cash and bought its stocks. Do you wonder why one of the biggest acquisitions took place for a platform with no revenue making plan?

Engagement, publicity, communication, sharing, presenting, visual marketing, and fame matter more than anything in the business world. Instagram is a platform where entrepreneurs get a boost by finding millions of customers. This is the real power of Instagram and one of the reasons Facebook bought it for such a big amount.

Acquisition History

Later on, Facebook associated its Advertisements with Instagram also. It gave an option to its business accounts to reach users on Instagram. But the biggest turnover came when Instagram launched the “stories’ features. As it was a direct competition to another famous application known as Snapchat. With similar features but a much bigger user base, Instagram proved to be a success again.
What are Instagram features for businesses?

Apart from uploading photos and videos, certain features are attractive to businesses and brands. Marketers also consider them IG tools or attributes. They are:

  • Likes
  • Followers
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Comments
  • Captions
  • Direct Messaging (DM)
  • Stories
  • IGTV

What are Instagram Followers?

Every user who clicks on any other user’s profile “follow” button becomes an Instagram follower. In this way, every post, photo, video, and story of the person followed is shown in the news feed of the follower. Therefore, the real branding game lies in several followers on an Instagram profile.

Publicity and branding factor, on one hand, get good scoring through massive likes. But engagement, interactivity, and conversion like on the number of followers. Once a brand is followed by a person, the brand gets an opportunity to reach a follower’s story feed through every post.

The game does not end here.

The followed profile also gets an authority through an increasing number of followers. The effort to attract other followers on Instagram is minimized through every new follower. This is the reason every small business, artist and fashion model is after gaining more and more IG followers.

What are the ways of gaining Instagram followers?

The most credible way is to buy Instagram followers from ActiveIG due to following reasons:

  • More Engagement
  • Peace of mind
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Fast Results
  • Confidentiality
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Here you might think about gaining followers through paid advertisements instead of buying followers on Instagram. Let’s have a look at the comparison:

What is Instagram Likes?

There is a “heart” under every photo. Whenever a user finds a photo interesting or wants to express likeliness, he/she may press that heart. The heart will become red after pressing it. OR a user can just double tap on the photo. This is called hitting a “LIKE” on Instagram.

Brands really love likes on Instagram. A huge number of likes is a sign of publicity. They take it as the customer’s engagement with their products and services. It is a solid reason why multiple brands run the competition for likes and tags.

How much do likes matter?

Similarly, IG likes a sign of a user’s interest in the photo. It may be a product, offer an advert or message in the photo, but having likes is always beneficial.

The most interest thing about Instagram Likes is getting referral engagement. If a person’s friend likes some photo, that photo will be shown in a person’s news food. In this way, every new like to open a new way to reach more people on Instagram. And why would someone miss promoting themselves on a platform where millions of users hit likes every minute?

What Matters the Most?

Despite the presence of social media apps like Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter, Instagram is still way better than others. Digital marketing and social media branding is incomplete with Instagram followers, views, and posts.

Every content marketing job includes time and cost to reach an audience. In such hard times, Instagram is the only hope for people who want an affordable deal with instant results.

Social Media Marketing Via Instagram Channel

ActiveIG has proven to be the guide of every new and existing buyer for social media marketing. We have got thousands of customers who visit our website every day to buy IG promotional services.

But we have been receiving messages about Instagram marketing, paid promotions, followers’ impact, and much more. Our customer services social media experts always reply to them. Still, this time we are launching ALL-IN-ONE Instagram followers impact guide in 2020.

Instagram is a leading platform used by large and small businesses for advertisements. However, businesses are using paid as well as non-paid advertisements to target followers. Paid advertising has a direct relationship to the increasing number of followers. If you use paid advertisements, you will eventually feel a rise in the number of your followers.

However, if your strategy is to gain followers via advertising, you would have to identify your niche. The second main consideration would be the content. The third main consideration would be the extent to which you can engage your followers. This will determine the count of your followers.

Integration with Facebook

One reason why Instagram ads yield so many benefits is because of its integration with Facebook, which means it lets you take advantage of the Facebook features as well.

Increases engagement

The top priority of any business is to engage their followers. Advertisements serve this purpose for a brand. Many studies demonstrate that people are more likely to engage with content on Instagram than on Facebook or Twitter. Therefore, brands should definitely switch to this platform. The photo-sharing application is best for any type of advertisement.

How to Post a Photo on Instagram?

Posting stuff on Instagram is not a difficult task. It does not take more than a minute. To make a post on Instagram, just go through the following few steps.

  1. At the bottom of your screen right in the middle, you would see a plus icon. Click on that.
  2. It will lead you to further two options. You can either choose a photo from your phone’s gallery or open the camera, and you can take a photo immediately to post it. This way, if you want to post an existing image, you will simply post one from the gallery. If you want to click one using Instagram, you can do that as well.
  3. Instagram also allows users to post multiple photos or videos. If a user doesn’t want to flood its profile with lots of photos, he can simply upload multiple photos under one post.
  4. After you have selected the images, it will ask you to crop or resize according to your liking.
  5. It will lead to another window with amazing filters. You can try those out on your photo, and once you’re satisfied, click next.
  6. Write a relatable caption for your photo. If you want to add the location where the picture was taken, you can also do that.
  7. Click on Share, and you’re done.

How to Make a Post on Instagram?

To make a post on Instagram, you have two options. You can either post a photo or video on your Instagram feed, or the other way is to post a photo or video to your Instagram story.

On Instagram feed

To upload a post on the Instagram feed, you will start with selecting your photo or video. Adjust it according to your preference. Add a filter. Add a thumbnail if you are posting a video.

Write an engaging caption. Add the location where the picture was taken, or the video was recorded. If there are other users in the photo/video, you can tag them. Add hashtags to increase engagement. Tap on Share, and you’re done making a post.

On Instagram story

If you want to post an IG story, you will have to take the following few steps.

  1. Tap on the camera icon you would see at the upper left corner of your screen.
  2. You would see a circle at the bottom of the screen. You can use it to take a fresh photo or video. If you want to post one from the gallery, swipe up and choose to post.
  3. If you want to add any text, GIFs, or stickers, you can also do that.

Once you’re done, tap Next.

How to Post a Video on Instagram?

To post a video on Instagram feed, consider the following easy steps.

  1. To post a video, you will have to select the video from your phone’s gallery. You can also make one using the Instagram app. However, you would have to ensure that your video is no longer than a minute; otherwise, you would have to adjust it.
  2. Once you’re sure what video you want to post, you will simply choose it by tapping on the plus sign icon you would see at the bottom of the screen.
  3. After you have selected the video, you can make the necessary adjustments. For instance, you can trim the video according to your liking. You can also add filters. If you want to post the video without a sound, you can mute the voice icon by tapping on it.
  4. The next step is to choose a cover thumbnail for your video. If you don’t choose a cover, you won’t be able to edit it later. Therefore, choose a cover from the video you would want to show on your feed.
  5. Click on Next. Write an amazing caption because that is what people notice the most. Tag people if you want to. Add location and click on Share.

How to get engaging comments on Instagram

Engaging followers to your content could be difficult and tricky. However, once you get successful in doing that, you are going to experience an increase in your followers. And they will also make comments under your posts. To get engaging comments, you will have to focus on a few things.

Go Public

To get more engagement on your posts, you will have to go public. No matter how many followers you gain, if your account is private, there will be people who won’t have access to your content. This is why the first step is to make your account public to attract larger audiences.

Giveaway sessions

This is a known way to get loads of comments. Giveaway sessions are more likely to boost comments because your followers are hoping to win something in return. Therefore, they ensure they are engaged to win the giveaway.

Ask for advice

Another way to engage the audience in the comments section is by asking for their advice. You can either ask a question from your followers or ask for a suggestion or advice. This way, your followers will respond back in the comments with their suggestions.

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Research says that customer’s trust gets doubled to see other people following a brand. The magic these followers can bring to your Instagram Profile worth a lot.

Fashion brands and news channel finds difficult to survive without increasing Instagram followers. Recently a study found that most of the singers and artists get overnight success by social media marketing. Buying Instagram followers can boost up your brand’s growth.

Branding Strategy with Instagram Followers and Likes

Catapult effect increases 45% sale of fashion and apparel brands over Instagram. Impressions made through Instagram lasts for longer and get more reach through sharing option.

Posting Instagram photos usually boost up product sales, and the brand conversion gets high. Similarly giving a glimpse of some upcoming offer, product, picture or service can increase the future sales up to 50%.

Brand Awareness

Brand engagement through visuals makes it memorable. The influence of a visual lasts longer than other mediums.

  • Usually, followers on Instagram watch the photos more than once, and that leads to effective Clicks. These profitable clicks can help a brand in making more sales leads.
    The constant growth of followers becomes possible just after buying any of ActiveIG’s real Instagram followers package.
  • With 16 billion photos, Instagram is having a variety of active followers. These followers share different demographics. The diverse group of followers can help in developing a unique culture for your profile.
  • A single #hashtag by millions of users can make your profile viral just like #aliceandolivia, #chobani, and #Topsshop. If you want your brand in any of such case study then just buy active Instagram followers.
  • Few bucks for buying Instagram followers can make a big difference to your marketing strategy. Our support system is always there to help you out with followers. Best of luck!